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The beginning

December 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Started work officially at my new workplace for 1 month already.

So far so good.

I haf a lot to learn so I just hope I can manage them well.


Well, since it’s weekend let’s talk abt light hearted staff!

Tada, some items my mum bought for me frm HK.

I wanna visit HK soon too!


I bought those at SASA sale @ HG mall.

Anyway, I went Universal Studio Singapore on 17/11!





Iconic LOGO!

We went thru all the highlights ride!

The Mummy, Jurassic Park Rapid ride, Canopy ride, 4D Shrek etc etc!

It was so fun that we didn’t bear to leave.

Time flies super fast that day too.

We were totally exhausted after the whole day!

 Anyway, I still miss the JURASSIC PARK DINO Bottle!

So cute rite!


V. expensive!

Anyway, here’s a pic of me and the legendary KUNGFU PANDA!

Where’s my picture with King Julien?

If he falls on me, that’s it!


 We both bought 1 each of that penguin!

So adorable!

Mine is call Bibi!

I miss USS!

We had such a good time screaming, laughing and unwind!

Will visit again!

Recently, I made a trip to Orlando, Florida.

Yes, you heard me right.

I have never dream of being able to go USA, coz it just seems so faraway(indeed v far!)

It’s almost like how possible is it for me to be able to set my footprints on it.

It’s way to expensive for me to go to USA for a holiday.

It’s really an experience.

Unforgettable one.

I went USA for abt a week to visit the I/ITSEC2010

My very first business trip.

I love Orlando!

I stayed in Residence Inn at universal blvd.

Nice and cozy lil inn.

But the problem is that the room is abit too big for 1 PAX!

Here are some pictures:

My room keys.

The lil`kitchen area in my room

The living room.

My room!

Pardon me for my messiness!


The bathroom!

There is a bathtub inside.


It looks like a perfect weather for a dip but do you know it is abt 15deg!


The american flag!

The premium outlet!


I didn’t get to go into the Disney nor the Universal Studio this time round as we are really tighted up.

We just went to the Universal Studio, City Walk to take a look.

Here’s the iconic globe in Orlando!

This pic(using iphone 3GS) is taken by me, I know it looks like pictorial.


The Hard Rock Cafe!

Nice exterior dont you think so?

I would like to go US again but not so soon.

I just recovered from the tired-ness.

I wanna go Walmart, Washington D.C, St louis, LA, Las Vegas(if possible), NYC ETC!

The flight is just the con point seriously!

I was super grumpy in the flight and when I think of the 24hrs flight.

 I need to sign off now, I will be gg for my Harry Potter Movie tml.

Can’t wait!

Happy nite!

P.S: I graduated from SIM finally! =D


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