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I have nothing

September 9, 2010 Leave a comment

I just got addicted to this song sung by them.

I love how they manage the song.

Especially JJ singing power!

He has sucha nice voice that is suitable for almost all genre of songs.

Junsu is really not bad as well.

No wonder he has been chosen for musical, his live is near perfection as well.



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Zuno showcase 2010

May 2, 2010 Leave a comment

Gosh, I still couldn’t come to the term that DONG BANG SHIN KI XIAH Junsu is here for the past 3 days!

Hmmmm, I really had the best time of my life.

Xiah Junsu right in front of my eyes!

And I haf to give it up to XIAH Junsu, ur vocal & live performance is just simply SPLENDID!

You prove it to me!

DBSK is not just abt looks, they are really the best entertainer of my time.

It makes me wanna see their full performance at least once in my life.

Greatest love of all.

I was a dbl S convert, and thank you Junsu

you assured me that I made the right choice.

Though I was really a late-fan.


Always keep the faith!


Here’s some vids to perk u up!

Rising Sun


Purple Line

See those muscles popping out!

How hot can they get!

Love my minmin short boylish hair! =P

Talking abt mirotic, I think the best part of yesterday was the fanchanting when we saw the vid where Xiah and his family were singing mirotic!


How great was that man!

They belong to the stage so bring them ALL back to the stage!


Enough say of DBSK, here’s my review for yesterday showcase of ZUNO

I shall use chinese since he understands a little bit of chinese(though I know it wouldn’t be viewed by him).









加油, 加油, 加油!!!


He is really muscular!

And sucha sweet gentlemen.

And for Quest, I think u don’t only have rooms for improvement but “warehouses” for improvement!



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September 23, 2009 2 comments

Damn, I am having blocked nose and “sexy” voice again!

All thanks to mi buying the macaroon from ion.


The taste is nt bad but I still prefer the ones at bakerzin.


I haven’t started posting foto frm my iphone, please bear wif mi for awhile more

I trying to figure out the easy way out.

I really love my new iphone…


I am loving this song =X


My beloved baby’s solo

The music, the rythm, the melody, the person’s singing= )

Enjoy the music~

I haf 1 more vids to show to recommend:



Triple S is sooo cute =)


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Sunshine after Rain

July 18, 2009 4 comments

Finally oh finally, our group is finally set!

Thank god!

We are in such a mess during the few days.

1 member wanna leave, short or 1 team mate, how to divide out, etc etc.

This sem project is really tedious in terms of workload, out field stuff, blablabla.

Hopefully we can work well wif our new teammates.

Anyway, group is done shall put it aside first.

My issey miyake perfume is such a gone case cause i totally can’t stand the smell.

Happily telling my friend and said that I wanna get IM perfume that dae after I read the article.

Baby had such a unique choice!

I sticked wif my burberry summer collection in the end.

Sorry baby~! =(

My dear friend chanel’s allure series also headache so I guess her jongie boy taste is unique too.


Jongie boy has been cute already so, uhumph!(I really think jongie boy is cute, I meant his style. scared of dogs and taking plane =D OOPS!)

I so gonna get a earful by my miss gorilla friend.

Jongie boy cheek is soooo cute!(I MEAN IT!)

I wanna shout like the fans did during the mini concert!

Hoshizora! 1 of my fav song by them.

So lively and young!

Suit them perfectly~


DOUBLE S 501~!

They are sooooo cute.

I noe i mentioned like millions of time but I just can’t stop!


Envy those that had the chance to see their concert =”(

The soompi threat makes mi wanna get the dvd nw. DAMN!

p.s: there’s a part in the vid that I find seangie looked like soyijung. =D

*** A song calling for you MV

Saengie looks extremely kawaii in the mv!


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Bof(maplestory ver.)

June 22, 2009 2 comments

I chance upon this!

Do watch it! I didn’t realise that jihoo’s hair was the same as 1 of MS hairstyles.



*Note: you can click on the “HQ” button to watch it in a clearer view. ^^

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Get hot!

May 27, 2009 Leave a comment

I love their Get Hot performance! Nice collaboration~!


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