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October 11, 2010 Leave a comment

So I saw the advert that 女人我最大 will be aired in channel U soon.

I haven’t watch the show before so I youtubed for this and I am starting to love it!

Especially the skincare & makeup session with Kevin, Xiao Kai and Niu Er lao shi(s)

Xiao Kai lao shi is actually quite pleasing to the eye yeah?

(@ ^.^ @)

And Niu Er lao shi seriously don’t look like his actual age!


Terrific maintenance of skin.

That show is so bad also, makes you wanna buy all sorts of items.


Anyway, I bought Hada Labo hydrating lotion.

After the rave.

I tried last night and it really absorb v.well!

And I really like the lashes that sun yun yun(tw ver. of paris hilton) came out with.

Those sun sisters are very pretty!

Nice show indeed.

Will keep going after this show now!


And ANTM cycle 15 is aired in US alr.

Quite interesting coz they practically raise the bar of everything,

from prizes to runway to photographers.

ALL INTL renowed people!

I just love all the makeover session.




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