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1 man show!

December 14, 2009 Leave a comment

Wah, my whole body almost disjoint after a day helping out at dental clinic.

I did a 1 man show btw!

My partner was sick so I am the only 1 there to help out.

I did cashering, admin, registration, washing, set up the rm, attend to calls, assist doc, dispense med, pour model, attend walk in and clear for the day.


I didn’t even haf time for toilet and lunch.

I was abt to die on the spot.



I did it!


Everything ran quite smoothly. =D

Awww, jongie boy looks fantastic here don’t u think?

Love this boy when his fringe is short. =)

My friend sure drools over the pic.

But her eyes is set on another handsomie which has the score of 100 for IQ!


Anyway, I haf to praise jungmin for the Leslie Cheung Song “Chase” performance in HK.

It’s super duper gd!

The song is super nice, jungmin performed it really really well.



Will haf my enrolment this coming wed.

New sem starting soon, another new year to start.


I can’t wait ^.^

It’s so quiet like that this year, is it only my thought?


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December 6, 2009 2 comments

Finally I laid my hands on rebirth album!

Okay, baby looks hot thou abit unrecognizable.

Haf yet to watch the love like this making.

I didn’t get to go orchard nor bugis yesterdae so I didn’t buy trendy yet.

Sorry friend.

Ta-da, I bought the eyebrown crayon and liq eyeliner by Majolica.

Will update on the review asap.(^.^)

Introducing our mini Christmas tree! Kawaii-des~

From ikea btw!

Here’s my new corner look after a lil change in my furniture(New desk and small side cabinet)

Pardon me for the unruly display of random items. HAHA!

Here’s the “fu lu shou” standing on my table. LOLX!

I don’t haf eeyore’s fig. =(

My fav piggy looks super cute here don’t u think? (^.^)

Xmas is just round the corner, but the sales aren’t starting like that uh?

Tml is another new week (=.=)

Start of work again.



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November 27, 2009 Leave a comment

Mag wif dbl s covers are seriously sucking my molahs!

Trendy newest ver. has them on cover again!

I wanna get!

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the five

October 12, 2009 2 comments


Hahaha, Jongie boy really made my day in SETI 2

The cute pose totally captured the hearts of many I guess?!

At least I know my friend must be crazy abt it already.


Here’s the vid:

iphone had 1 app that has their fotos!


Hmmmm here’s the look of their coming MINI album(yeah again mini)

rebirthFrankly speaking, I don’t fancy this pic.

It sort of gif mi the feeling of haptic mission(hyun joong’s cf wif son donbi), twilight wannabe, add & subtract frm kyu’s wussup and the promotional photoshoot for persona feel. =/

I guess they wanna portray a haute and mysterious feel?

Vampire in action again?

My baby is almost beyond recognition. T_T

Not only him I think, hyun joong and kyu joong too.

I think I am watching too much antm till I am giving non-professional critics. HAHAHA~

Anyway, that’s my 5 cents worth of thought =)

Everyone has different views when it comes to beauty.

See if we can grab the mini album in sg. =D

1 more photo of maknae to share *giggles

c81b39cdaa06a03d00e928b1Heehee, he looks really nice in this photo with choco. =)


¯`•.•●•۰• ••.•´¯

Enough of Dbl S, though I haven’t had enough wif them =)

Recently, got the HYPE feel to head down uniqlo to take a look(take a look usually means spend monnies).

I don’t noe where the HYPE feel came frm but it just came. LOLX~

&& I am looking out for nice BLINKISH sandal.

Awwww~ the shopping cells are activating again =.=

Btw I gotten my copy of trendy oct already. ***BEAMS!

Really nice issue, MUST BUY for SS501 FANS(good coverage)

Anyway thats all for today!

TATA~ ^_^

Thought of the day: being a front line/service personnel is difficult, treat them wif respect too.


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So near yet so far!

September 5, 2009 Leave a comment

I am abit bored by my project so I came over to my cozy lil corner to pour my thoughts out!

Firstly, I guess most ss501 fans must haf known abt the fan meeting in malaysia

I am sooooo envy of those who can make it there for their fan meeting

My freaking passport “died” plus I haf lectures and tons of project details to fill up

My dear friend was so excited like mi when I broke the news to her.


If they were to come we haf tons of mag(trendy, fans, color etc) for them to sign and the solo cd!


But, I doubt I can survive the hardcore pushing and long waiting without food.

I really gif it up to those that survived the crowd.

Congrats to those that managed to get their autograph and got upclose and personal with them

U don’t noe how jealous we are =)

I wonder if I can withstand the situation if they really come for the fan meeting here, it will be my really first time!

I haf never attended this before.

I was actually thinking of what to do/buy for them if they ever come for fan meeting



I did think of the cute lil keychain carebear and we will personalised it wif a blink dogtag attached to it.

I was thinking Yellow sunshine for BABY, Purple for Saengie, Blue for Jongie, Green for Joongie and Pink for Minnie!


I rmb that joongie doesn’t like bear =(

So I gave up

PLUS I doubt we got the time to do all this

unless the come during the period when our exams are over.

Maybe a snack box will be nice with well-wishes letter?

Those boys are getting really thin and worn out.

I guess I haf to do some tuition on simple korean language wif my friend before they come too =)

I know nuts abt korean language

I will try to get some simple jap lines correct too, since minnie is really fluent in jap

Baby was said to be able to hold simple conversation in English! WOOTS~!

I am slightly baby-bias. =D

I love others too!

Anyway since I am a lil bored, I will list out my top ten fav songs by SS501(from their singles and full album):

  1. A song calling for you
  2. Deja Vu
  3. Hey G
  4. Lonely girl
  5. U r man
  6. The one
  7. We can fly
  8. Always and forever
  9. No exit days
  10. 비겁하지않겠어

It’s so hard to choose cause there are many many more that I liked! Like Joongie Please be good to mi, you are my heaven, Jongie wuss up MANY MANY MANY more.


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August 18, 2009 Leave a comment

See my title up there?

Yeah I am damn happy as I don’t haf any project meeting or lecture tml!

It really calls for a celebration!

Nah~ just kidding but really I am thankful that I am finally able to stay home for a day

I still haf things to clear thou!

Anyway, I wanna declare my new found love!

It’s Spinelli’s Choc Mint Spin!

I truely love it~!

Do try it if u guys haven’t

It’s not soooo sweet =)

I am nt really into that sweet stuff

I had project meeting wif my grp mates @ novena yesterdae

we settle down @ starbucks initially

and lunched @ fish and co

we had seafood platter!


I think we are darn expensive when comes to eating



Beware!(even when I’m out wif bestie)

We went spinelli after lunch

to finalize the parts we need to do and gif pointers to hw we shld go abt tackling the qn

I so wanna go velocity’s cotton on to take a look but I gotta refrain!

Bought too many clothes and mags this mth.

Gotta die of insufficient vitamin M! =(

Anyway, I did saw the news regarding Leader and Saengie in HK

all I can sae is they are ordinary humans afterall

Idols are “packaged”

No doubt i fell for their marketing gimmicks

thou I am a marketing student myself, but truth is who doesn’t fall for marketing gimmicks

I still love SS501 thou

plus i also gif the benefits of doubt

we are nt the witness right at the point of time and we are only fans wif no rights to interfere their personal life

most importantly there’s no doubt that they are really cute and had great voices plus splendid entertainers


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