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March 11, 2009 Leave a comment

First post in ruffletruffle! =)

I am aching all over!!! 

I had a game of squash on monday @ yck wif bestie bird.

We 2 didn’t work out for ancient years.

It suck when I woke up the next day,

felt like my arms & thighs were casted! =.=

Every inch I made seems like killing mi!!!

I swore I was uncomfortable walking abt and adjusting even a wee bit.

But we both enjoyed the game I guess?

We were suppose to haf tennis


it rained the whole dae

Hopefully we can haf a game of tennis soon

We are gg to be sportie rats soon! 


Anyway, I haf been making plans for my near future recently.

I was totally clueless abt my future and wat I wanted for myself in the future till recently

What I truely felt attainable and achieveable if I work my ass off


Having a goal really worked wonder

I felt energise and all hype to face the battle in near future.

There’s so many that I wanna achieve!

So many things that is waiting for mi.

I wanna keep a dog when I am financially allowed, and he will be called pudding tan aka chen bu ding aka ding ding!

&&I will be officially be ding ding ma!

So cute rite pudding tan

Mama is anxious to bring ding ding home. XD






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