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Liz Lisa

November 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Prepare for some SWEETNESS!

If you are avid reader of Japanese Mag, this name LIZ LISA shldn’t be a unfamiliar name.

I went to their webbie recently and the items are just



Awwww! super nice~


In ❤ with ribbon!



So pretty rite the bag!

AWWWW~ I want 1!

This pouch is sooo nice!

Another wooollly bag!

Even the falsies are nice too!



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Marathon of studies

November 5, 2010 Leave a comment

I just finish my last exam yesterday,

didn’t feel exceptionally excited.

Just an empty feeling.

I just wanna clear my exam and ciao to SIM!

I recently had a very UNPLEASANT  experience with the Singtel CS.

Really pissed me off to max!


Anyway, I definately want my problem to be solved so I am gonna do whatever it takes.

I went over to Tampines mall, Tampines 1 and IKEA to take a walk.


It’s really very crowded today.

But sales are appearing at almost all the stores.

Of course I did buy some items back.

I went looking for ELLE with the Agnes B MU pouch but to no avail.


I went to MAC counter today to see the primer + base, I was quoted 50+ for it?!?

I thought I saw the newspaper saying it’s 30?

But the it’s Out of stock anyway.

I went in Crabtree & Evelyn to checkout the price of the hand therapy too.

It’s kinda expensive!

Anyway, I bought this from IKEA

I name it LILI.

Heehee (^^)//

It’s a indoor plant call Peace Lily.

I intend to bring it to the office.

I like the pot very much too it has angel prints on it.

So peaceful and serene ah?


I am starting work next week.

Not looking forward nor dread to have it coming.

Another blank feeling.


Anyway, I will be going to USS on 17 Nov with my friend!


We haf been talking abt this for very long time.

Can’t wait.

I am interested in the walking with dinosaurs too.

Wanna see my new schedule book?


Minnie with her panties shown (n_n)

Let’s take a look inside the schedule book(cost me a whopping 17+)

Full calender(sorry for the poor image =.=)



I bought falsies recently too!


This is from Pink Beauty$14.90

This is from SASA $4.90

I am trying Hada Labo too


Not bad. =)

Girls really haf a lot of areas where u can suck our molaahs!


Currently, I am addicted to the Show Catch Me Now from Channel U.

Artist incl. Fala Chen(very pretty!), Joe Ma and Damian Lau(He has the middle age man charm)

The Saturday and Sunday 7.30pm HK drama from Channel also not bad.

We are seriously deprieved of good dramas here in the tiny island.

I super duper love Nu Ren Wo Zui Da too.

I saw Niu er lao shi introducing baby wipes for mu remove!


It’s a show seriously bad for ur pockets!


And I am also catching America’s next top model from Youtube.

Cycle 15!

Wonder who will win and be on VOGUE ITALIA!


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The day before JYJ

October 18, 2010 Leave a comment

I neglected posting my own life thingys,

So the night before gg for JYJ, my bestie and I met up at The central for dinner.

We had Seoul yummy that day!

We decide to be more korish before we meet the boys!


The side dishes/appetizer!

I like the pancake potatoes thingy!

Very nice~

My main course! =D

Overall rating for Seoul Yummy 3/5 stars!

We walked ard the basement and stop by the Jappie store(bad move!)

I bought 2 cutsy drink

I drank the Qoo alr, it’s jellied drink!

Very kidish drink!


Our main motive at basement was to see the shop named STICKY(homemade candy store)

The business looks good coz the candy are all like SOLD OUT.

Next we went to kino!

I bought Popteen tw ver(oct issue) & 女人我最大 fall issue(Da S is on the cover!)

Afterwhich we settled at starbucks and flipped thru the mags we bought.


Btw I HIGHLY recommend everyone to listen to JYJ new album track 3, EMPTY!

I totally digged that song.

So catchy and very clubbish!

I love dbsk dance tracks, they nv fail to make the songs stay in ur mind!


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It’s a hairy issue

September 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Back to update.

For those that are concern abt the post earlier,

I haf seen nth frm warner music sg too.

They seem to haf remove the msg on facebook.

So let’s just be patience and wait for official news.


All I noe is that JYJ just joined East Asia Entertainment which has loads of HK artist that incl. Andy Lau.

So HK fans must be real happy yeah?

Anyway, I finished Personal Taste by Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin.


Not bad, I quite like the plot.

Not those draggy and crying a river kind of show.

Now I am watching Full House,

I noe I am a laggard.

The wardrobe they haf are quite retro(from year 2010 POV)!


Quite similar plot as personal taste.

I haf yet to finish so I don’t noe what is gg to happen next.

Wonder wat should I watch after full house.


I finally had my haagen dazs ice cream!

At the Ice Cream Parlor somemore.


The scoop is quite small.

Well, currently had fetish to get accessories.

I went over to montip and got some hair accessories!

Mei mah?


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July 1, 2010 2 comments

Woke up super duper early for Church service on sunday!

I woke up at 6.15am to get ready for 9am service.

First time in my life!!!

Service was absolutely meaningful!

I feel energize and enlighten everytime I go for service.

Pastor Prince sermons are never boring.


Worth all the hassle and lazy bones to wake up.

Had mac breakkie with bestie before service.

It’s our first time meeting so early too!


After service we went over to 313@somerset for some light shopping.


I bought 2 pairs of sunglass and a bag frm forever21(shirt frm mng thou =X)

They shld seriously consider giving me&bestie a membership card each! 

We are hardcore forever21 shopper!

And I brought bestie to marvellous cream to try the waffle cream I was mentioning!




After that we head off to far east for our hair treats appt!

We both had a haircut and hair colouring treats done!

In love with my new hair colour.

Well done Cindy our stylist! =D

Damage was considered okay.

Might be gg back for treatment soon!

 So, my weekdays had been routined.

On Thursday, which is today!

I went to collect my passport.


was suppose to be gg on a short weekend trip to batam but due to full booking



Hoping that it will be put into good use soon! =)

Hopefully this passport will bring me to see DBSK!



So, since I am out I wouldn’t be sucha good girl to go home straight right?

I went over to bugis(had been nagging to go BV for long long time)

Anyway, I think it was a bad move.

I fav kino is having reno, I felt so lost in BV.

I lost the ability to shop alone in BV.


I want to get those pretty flora and nautical prints scarfs.


So I went over to bras brasah to look for this holy magazine call RAY.

I couldn’t helped it but bought this Ray Mag(APR) ard 4 weeks ago while I happen to chance upon at Popular Sengkang.

I haf read the mag thou(online and physical book)

But still I bought it.

So I was waiting for POP to sell the MAY issue but I haf been looking for weeks,

it’s still not out so I went Bras Brasah to try my luck.

AND ta-dah!


东方神起, this 4 words are very powerful words to me.

“Extremely dangerous”

afterwhich, I went over to my favourite shopping mall 313 @ somerset.

Due to the heavy rain I need to make a big detour.

So I ended up at marina sq first.

I saw Zara having sale, so I went in to take a look.

That Zara is like fighting a WAR!

DEAD CORPSE” lying everywhere.

It’s totally beyond my imagination.

Plus the amt of ppl Q-ing for cashier is like 20 over, the ppl waiting for fitting rm is equally bad.


Hence, I gave it a miss.

I went to HMV to check out the J pop & K pop section for DBSK items.

Very old collection, nth interesting.

Waiting for their album thou.

Anyway, headed to 313 for forever 21 and mitju

Nth fantastic at uniqlo. =/

Bought a pair of shoes frm mitju

And I bought some stuff frm f21 again!

The one on the left is by la senza.

It is a cake-layered spag top with black polka dots.

I haf fetish for ruffle type stuff.

Recently, heart shape caught my interest too.

I am looking for this plasticy heart shape ring(sgd7) by f21.

I bought a pair of sandal by f21 too,

I like to buy the same thing/kind in 2’s nowadays yeah?

I bought 2 shades at 1 go not too long ago,

did u notice the blue and white top is similar?

&& nw I bought 2 sandals in the same shopping trip.

KUKU yeah?

I haf written a long post already, time for zzz-ing!


Blog more soon!

p.s: I need to be ban from shopping!!!


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It’s an Addiction

June 19, 2010 Leave a comment

As per what the title mention,


&&& that’s gonna be Shopping and TVXQ for me.


Shopping real hard recently.

Too many pretties are getting my attention!

I was at vivo city with my bestie for dinner and shopping trip.



We both bought quite abit of items.

At our favorite dine place, SUSHI TEI!

But we both still prefer paragon outlet.

Our skinny teriyaki chicken (´ω`*) 

My fishy ice-cream!


My bestie BLOCKED ice-cream!


My happy buys!

MNG having sale do check them out.

Thou I just bought a tank top frm them!


Will be having a short break after coming tuesday as clinic will be on hiatus for a week plus.


Well deserved break!

MANY MANY MANY things to do for the coming short break.

1) Extend my dead PASSPORT life!

2) Check out the textbook for coming sem

3) Get my hair DONE!



6) More shopping before my class starts? =D

7) Organize my iTunes, computer(time for reformat?)

Never ending list anyway!


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June 4, 2010 Leave a comment

Duh~ I am so bored.

Didn’t get to chillout nor shop today.

I am so bored at home after work.


Since I am like so free,

I shall BLOG!

Firstly, today is YOOCHUN-DAY!

Happy Birthday Yoochun!

For those that haf twitter and love TVXQ do tweet #yoochunday!

Trending now!


So let  my pictures do the talking than since my blog lags of photo!

Ready and all hype up for SUMMER!

I am in love with White and Flora now.


Serene is the key theme for me.

I bought this few days back.

Nice scent, quite lasting consider the fact it cost $7.10

Told you I am hype up for summer!


MM Makeup Base

with SPF 20++

I haven’t start using it so no review

Bio essence finally sent me this!

Sleeping mask

I tried yesterday night, quite alright.

My new found love!

Mentos jam-filled.

It’s heavenly!


It is a lil like bubble gum, inside it’s super juicy~!

Both flavours are equally good!

NTUC selling 2 for $1.75 now!

Anyone seen purple/black/yellow/orange capsicum before?

I was surprise to see the various colours!

 It’s pretty thou!

Anyone curious on my breakkie galore?


I am in love with kopitiam milk tea nowadays, the taste and fragrance is different from those DIY ones.

Anyway, my breakkie is porkie congee with you zhar kuay! 

Making myself hungry now while writing this section.

I wanna haf century egg congee next week!

My current ♥ playlist:

  • Melody and Harmony by jejung & yuchun
  • Intoxication by XIAH junsu(congrats to making into the orion charts, J-billboard and other music charts )
  • 時ヲ止メテ by tohoshinki

 p.s:I sooooo wanna get the 3hree DVD but it’s really too expensive for me. =/


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