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What am I suppose to do?

April 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Gosh, I am already starting to worry abt the next sem project group.

I know many may say it’s too early man!

Haven’t even exam yet?


But I think we might face a dramatic change in the coming sem,

our 2 dear brothers may not be joining us for 1 project.

As for other projects we might haf shortage of members.

Is it a good time to quickly build alias with other team before this sem ends?

I know I am the gan chiong spider but it’s real hard to find members as each sem progress.


On a sidenote, is DBSK really disbanded unofficially?

I really admire their professionalism, talent and of course their suave outlooks.

Though I am a super late fan, I really felt sad to hear the piece of news.

But still, we shall



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April 6, 2010 Leave a comment

I am EXTREMELY busy this few days,

rushing for the amca project due date

as I really need time to do my hardcore revision!

I don’t haf time to lose and fret over minor things(except for vetting my frustration here? =X).

Exam is really just round the corner and we still haf to settle the amca last part.

AWWW~ 24 hrs like so not enuff!

I mugged so hard today that I actually forgot to do my trial printing for the amca project.


Gonna wake up early to do trial.

I clean forget everything!

I suffer kinda  insomnia lately,

last friday I actually slept 3hours only thou I went to meet my bestie in the morning.

Just 3hours of sleep, I went for morning class on saturday.

I still crash class with my friend in the afternoon.

After crashing class, I totally broke down.

That last saturday is the day, I was most depressed till date.

Alot of negative thoughts strikes me that day.

Had a hard time calming myself and re-organize myself.

I really hope there wouldn’t be a second time.


We tend to lose ourselves when we want something so badly!




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Protected: my art work

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It’s april fool!

April 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Back for some randomize posting!


Wants to show off my wrapping skill here! =P

My friend must be bewildered by this~!


*spotlight shines!

Feels abit bit zhuai!

Nice? Not bad right, my mum thought I bought frm store 1 okay! =D

Bunny ver!

Little chick ver!

So cute rite? =)

Hope the ppl that receive the choc will stay happy and be blessed!

Friend, u wan what ver I reserve for u!

Show-off my skills again!


(*my chinese improving! =X)

Friend u challenge me with sunny-side up right?

I shall take on the challenge and post it right here when I succeed!

It’s showdown!

MINMIN wait for me =)!

Anyway, I miss THAI FOOD AGAIN though I just had my tom yum glass noodle last sat!

Here’s the pic of  our yummy dessert!

Mine is redpink ruby with jackfruit and coconut ice-cream!

Damn nice!

Friend I want Thai food again!!!


Anyway, we handed up our marcom project today.

Wow, everything is wrapping up for this sem.

It’s really like sooooo fast!

Another AMCA CA 5-8 to go!

I am working on the creative part which is really tedious!

This is what u will get after doing HOURS OF EDITTING OF PICTURES via photoshop!

It’s a sore now okay. (T.T)

I fell sick eventually after all the torture frm projects, sleeping late and waking up early and pre-exam stress.


My phone wallpaper! ❤



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I wanna join a group

March 23, 2010 Leave a comment

I am beginning to find SIM sports jacket to be “alluring”

Makes me wanna join a sports club!


If I can choose, of course it had got to be badminton!

Think of Jaejoong right away ^.^!

But I was looking at their webbie, it seems like they are nt accepting any newbie.


Too bad I wasn’t in any sports club during my secondary school days.

Hmmmm, I wanna join a sports club!

I so wanna re-live the CCA days.

If I can choose my CCA in Sec Sch again, it definately wouldn’t be ncc air but some sports club!


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Protected: Super blur

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February 23, 2010 2 comments

I know I neglected this space for a short while,

due to my project.

My project team and I are meeting sooooooo often that we see each other almost 7days a week.

We hardly haf spare time for ourselves.

Really hope that our effort put in for the project will be returned wif good grades.

Anyway, I haf lots of overdue pictures!


So I shall start with the CNY celebration fotos!

Our self-prepared YUSHENG!

I love Yusheng with my fav raw salmon!

Food that we haf prepared!

My daddy(incl. my dad) side all can cook beri well, esp my 2nd aunt!

I wonder why I wasn’t imparted with that talent! =(

More food!

Saw the red stuff in the plastic tub?

That is spicy crab meat, super delicious(new creation by my 2nd aunt)!

My daddy hot selling cheesecake!

He is a baker FYI.

Our pretty FeiFei in chongsam!

She is my niece.

She is really cute!

Mr JayJay aka monster/destroyer!


He is the naughty handsome boy and nephew of mine!

Ms Krystal with my MATO-SAN!

She is known as the “nobody but mama”

She wouldn’t let us carry her.


Next up is my first time to FLYER!

I went there on CNY 1st day night with my parents.

Floating bay~

VROOM~ F1 track

The hotels


The tixs~


Next my first steamboat session with bestie!

It was the first time we went for steamboat together after 10yrs of friendship.


We were at Xian De Lai steamboat shop.

we love the tom yum side!

But unfortunately we kinda ruined it towards the end =X


p.s: I like the show 200 pounds beauty. I teared during the show when hanna told the male lead in the scene when 1 fellow was stalking hanna at her hse. It’s so true man!


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