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October 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Blog blog blog,

firstly I would like to announce that I haf finally found a job!


After ard 2mths plus of searching.

I finally found a job.

I haf sent like tons and tons of CV and resume to various job vacancies.

I will be gg for pre-employment screening on monday.

I can’t talk abt my job coz it’s confidential.

All I can say is engineering industry.

And exam is starting next week too.

And it is almost 1 week since JYJ is here in Singapore.

Miss em`much.


Btw Micky has a twitter acc alr, do follow him.

Anyway, today is my bro’s bday!

Happy birthday~

Ur present is still on the way.


After my exam, loads of things will change.

Both physically and mentally.

Alot of plans coming up.

Will be launched as time goes by!

Stay tune than.

Random a lil`: MAC Tartan Tale(Scottish feel)

Here are the pictures of MAC Tartan Tale collections,

I wonder if this is blusher or lip gloss


This purple palette is very nice, so does the packaging

Lipie set! The pouch is ❤

The brushie set! The pouch is pure ❤

I am interested in getting MAC primer+base!

P.S: Haze is getting really bad recently, so please drink loads of water!

Take care


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Promo promo

October 12, 2010 Leave a comment

I received this promotion advert in my email and I think it’s worth while to share with everyone.

It says charge min. $88 in a single receipt and u will get to participate in sure win lucky draw.

Details and steps as above.

Promotion starts now till 30 Nov 2010.

GOOD LUCK and Happy Shopping!



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October 4, 2010 Leave a comment

I haf got like tons of butterflies in the stomach making me very uneasy.

Probably it’s due to the coming interview.

I know the formula to nail the interview is to keep calm and haf a clear head.

But really it ain’t easy task?!

In exactly 1 months time, it’s my last paper.

Time really flies.

20 years of education journey.

From PAP to University.

This journey really is long and tough.

Obstacles 1 after another.

Toughest time I guess we had is the ‘O’ level

Can never forget the days we fought for O’s and the day we got our results.

Thank you those that made a mark in my edu life.

Alot of unhappiness but I held on.

Because I believe tml will be a better day.


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October 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Well, first of all finally JYJ showcase in sg is cfm.

Really happy that fans in sg will get to see them and hear them live on stage.


It’s a once in a life time thing do cherish the moment yeah?

For information abt showcase, u guys can view this url

Good luck to those getting the limited VIP seats.

It’s nt gonna be easy.

As for me, I don’t noe yet.

Giving thoughts of getting of the lowest price tix to enjoy it.

Maybe tml I will haf an answer.

Enough say abt the JYJ showcase in sg,

currently I am in study period.

Yeah, exam is approaching.

Counting down!

Glad to hear frm my team mate which told us we made it for our Strategic Mktg project.

Thank god!

Thanks guys, all this years of effort for every single project during the 2.5years.

You know who u guys are and well done people!

My bro recently got his iPhone 4 so we are playing quite a lot of games.

It’s just different to do things with more people.

No wonder people say the more the merrier.

Addicted to scramble, flickr fish, city story, high noon apps!

I suck in scramble seriously!(I got trashed totally)


anyone with game centre id can add me at kerristan to play.

Now that my bro is on course, I haf more free time during the weekday.

I take those time on weekdays to study and revise.

It had been quite a while since the whole family goes out for dinner together too, so I was pretty glad that we had dinner on sat night though it was just at the coffee shop having zi char.


Dr on hoilday this week so today I had free time to work on my revision.

Had gotten an interview on wed, really nervous abt it.

Good luck to myself yeah.


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It’s a hairy issue

September 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Back to update.

For those that are concern abt the post earlier,

I haf seen nth frm warner music sg too.

They seem to haf remove the msg on facebook.

So let’s just be patience and wait for official news.


All I noe is that JYJ just joined East Asia Entertainment which has loads of HK artist that incl. Andy Lau.

So HK fans must be real happy yeah?

Anyway, I finished Personal Taste by Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin.


Not bad, I quite like the plot.

Not those draggy and crying a river kind of show.

Now I am watching Full House,

I noe I am a laggard.

The wardrobe they haf are quite retro(from year 2010 POV)!


Quite similar plot as personal taste.

I haf yet to finish so I don’t noe what is gg to happen next.

Wonder wat should I watch after full house.


I finally had my haagen dazs ice cream!

At the Ice Cream Parlor somemore.


The scoop is quite small.

Well, currently had fetish to get accessories.

I went over to montip and got some hair accessories!

Mei mah?


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still barely alive

August 31, 2010 Leave a comment

I’m back for to do some posting

It has been long since my appearance here.

I am active on twitter thou.

I am enjoying twittering very much.


So let’s get down to business

what haf I been doing lately?

I haf been doing project, gg to sch(skipped a few thou), gg outing, staying at home watching out-of-date movies.

Some titles I really enjoyed 


Tony Stark(Robert Downey Jr.) is really humourous and smart!

Next up, Shutter Island

Seriouly I love the twist of the show.

It’s not the I think it’s like this, not as simple kind of show.

Leonardo Dicaprio is just 1 amazing actor.

While shutter Island is complicated kind,

Blind Side is the simple and heart warming kind.

Superb show!

Next, cartoon/animated film

How to train your dragon!

Cute dragons!

Toothless has got to be my fav!

Don’t belittle animated films!

Up is another great great film that is worth ur time to appreciate!

Very nice story.

And I did teared coz it’s really heart warming.

My recommendation stops here.

I am waiting to watch Alice in the wonderland, Ice age 3, Sex and the city, Eclipse and many many many more

When it  comes to movie, I am always a laggard.

We don’t show up on movie theatre most of the time thou we plan to catch movies when we go on shopping trips.

Frankly speaking, I like English/Hollywood films.

But I do watch Chinese and other foreign country production movies(select good titles to watch)

Recently, I got wowed by IP man too.

Donnie yen is really very stunning in the movie!

Nice kungfu action!

I am waiting for IP man – Beginning of the the legend by Du Yu Hang.

Coz got my fav actor Yuan Biao.


I just finish the HK drama name Tong Tian Gan An also by Yuan Biao and a few superb HK artist like Gigi Lai, Chen Hao and Mong Jia Hui

It’s was shown on Channel U not long ago too.

I am watching personal taste(at ep3 only), I think it’s okay.

But I think Lee min ho is beta in BOF?

Alright, enough of my drama and movie commentary.


Let’s move on to some personal thoughts.

The reason I haven’t been blogging is also I am just filled with loads of emotions recently.

I just wanna cool myself first before I blurt out things that are nasty over here.

My parents are gg HK in Nov for Holiday,

for many of you gg overseas are just simple routine things every year.

For me, it has always been a dream that I haven’t fufill yet.

I haf got nobody to blame but myself,

if only I had taken up more holiday jobs, probably I would haf end up gg for holiday in another country long long ago.

Since young, I am fasinated by airplanes and of course envied many that has visited many foreign countries.

I would love and wants to bring the dream to life as soon as I can.

Life is short, I wanna bring my dreams to reality.

Have faith HUIYI! Keep the faith like you are keeping it for DBSK.

“And Jesus said unto them … ,

“If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed,

ye shall say unto this mountain,

Remove hence to younder place; and it shall remove;

and nothing shall be impossible to you.”
Romans 1:17


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It’s an Addiction

June 19, 2010 Leave a comment

As per what the title mention,


&&& that’s gonna be Shopping and TVXQ for me.


Shopping real hard recently.

Too many pretties are getting my attention!

I was at vivo city with my bestie for dinner and shopping trip.



We both bought quite abit of items.

At our favorite dine place, SUSHI TEI!

But we both still prefer paragon outlet.

Our skinny teriyaki chicken (´ω`*) 

My fishy ice-cream!


My bestie BLOCKED ice-cream!


My happy buys!

MNG having sale do check them out.

Thou I just bought a tank top frm them!


Will be having a short break after coming tuesday as clinic will be on hiatus for a week plus.


Well deserved break!

MANY MANY MANY things to do for the coming short break.

1) Extend my dead PASSPORT life!

2) Check out the textbook for coming sem

3) Get my hair DONE!



6) More shopping before my class starts? =D

7) Organize my iTunes, computer(time for reformat?)

Never ending list anyway!


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