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April 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Will haf to go on a hiatus after this post as my exam is starting NEXT week,

I missed a couple of service too =/

Anyway, before I go on my hiatus shall blog on the few

mix ‘n’ match fashion wear from POPTEEN apr

 Pic quality nt that gd as it is from the back of front cover,

I love this style!

Love the ruffle/clown suit neck!

Starting to fall in love with flora chiffon skirt!

FLORA PRINTS here I come =)

Nice, sweet and girly!

Love the unique pull-over cardigan! =)


So gonna try this style!

After I get the green jacket =.=

If u-know loves this style, HOW CAN I NOT LOVE THIS! ❤

I like how they used a lacy inner top under the checkered shirt.


Something cute, yet feminie and slightly matured!

Perfect but nt in SG context.


I sooooooooo wanna head down BUGIS VILLAGE after my exam!

And keeping my fingers cross that the agents or company will call me up for vacation job.


Things I am lemming now:

– Green jacket!

– Curler(super big wavvy 1)

– Wallet

– Wedge

– Nice white dress

p.s: Loves JJ in the new jap drama. He looks GREAT! =)

The man who poured water on his head, *shake head!

I sense 800,002 ppl staring!


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