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Sizzling St Heli-Jap

May 7, 2009 2 comments

p06-05-09_203101Candid shot 1

p06-05-09_2031Candid shot  2

p06-05-09_203202Candid shot 3

p060509_235201Our favourite soft shell crab! =P”

p060509_235202Yummy yaki tori ball!

p060509_235203Super refreshing soba!

My weird title!

Finally the day to party had came yesterdae! WOOTS~ I enjoyed myself beri much especially at helipad. It’s a great place to unwind and chillout! It’s a high-recommended chillout spot u wouldn’t wanna miss! Due to our phone cammie that suck we didn’t manage to snap snap the pretty night sky and helipad! =(

We were at suntec city for sizzler first because our main purpose for the night is to head down BUTTERFACTORY @ 1 Fullerton. But we didn’t check their opening hrs and we ended up too early there! =.= Please rmb that butterfactory operates from 10pm onwards! So we though of gg to st james to chill out since it’s pretty near(wrong move!). We knew st james operates from 8.30pm onwards so we went there instead. It’s freaking quiet that night for st james. So we were damn bored and decided to head down clark quey since we don’t noe wat to do. No nice movies recently, no where to do late night shopping(only mustafa!). I love playing the photo machine @ clark quey! lolx~!


We decided to explore helipad(damn difficult to find) Use the carpark lift and that lookout for a ‘fake’ life door with poster stands outside(it’s beside 1 escalator). You will have to press the BUTTON to open the entrance! It’s worth all the time to search for. =D The night view at the gallery is stunning!

After which, we chance upon a jap restaurant that is still operating at wee hrs. Decided to gif it a try coz it looks soooo japo! And we were really grateful that we went in cause the food served is really really really damn nice! The must try is the soft shell crab! We don’t noe the name of the restaurant but is along the river wif beri japo feel.

I totally loved the evening trip yesterdae night! =)

We still haf soo many many many places we wanna visit(new asia bar, butterfac, etc etc!) I just can’t wait!


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