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June 19, 2009 2 comments

Update time!

Wed had a great time meeting up wif my dear friend! =)

We haven’t met up for a long long long time din’t we?

Miss my crappy birdie friend! =D

We took the nel to dohby ghuat together that dae!

My friend was busy looking at 1 cute ang mo! LOLX

I think she loves nel alr since den.(esp potong pasir station, HAHA!)

Had aston again that dae at cathay(we forgot to see where is their other outlets located AGAIN)

It was damn filling that dae! *Slurp!

After which we head down to orchard for mng sale and kino to find our mag! =D

I didn’t wanna get popteen at first cause popteen never fail to lure mi to get things that are featured!

I am lemming on high-waist skirt nw!

The june issue is abt fake lashies!

I totally dig fake lashies!

I am still mastering eye makeup, likely gonna get eye-shadow frm mac(brown and black esp) to create a nice smokey effect!

I wanna learn hw to create the dolly eyes effect man!

It’s soooo pretty!

Anyway, mng sale was quite disappointing again! =(

Maybe it’s due to the crowd and the mess ard the place that nth looks nice.

We went to 2 outlets(Taka & wisma) and decided to do our hair rather than squeezing our way into other mng outlets

Birdie had her soft rebonding while i haf my hair trimmed plus colour changed! =D

I lub my new hair colour!

Maybe a few more wash, it will be like jihoo’s hair colour(I certainly hope so!)

My hair stylist commented that I shld get my hair permed when it gets longer.


Finally someone that don’t gif mi to kinds of extreme options!

Clear-cut, I LIKE!

The assistant did a temporary perm to let mi haf a feel of hw I will look like wif perms.

I wasn’t really use to it frankly speaking

Look more matured definately

But I felt more feminie thou! =D


P17-06-09_18.33Pardon mi for nt having my fake lashies on!

Dinner at shokudo!

Eggu rice! =) YUM YUM~!

After which we went citylink and orchard pretty fit! LOLX!(we are too free! =X)

Than we headed to ice cube at thomson!

Chatted and ate desserts there till 11 plus b4 we head back home.

Both of us trying to learn another language.

Mi learning japanese and birdie is learning korean.

It’s really difficult but i shall persevere!

I can rmb 1-10 in jap nw! =)

ichi – 1

ni – 2

san – 3

yon – 4

go – 5

roku – 6

nana – 7

hachi – 8

kyu – 9

ju – 10

Sayonara for now th_thhappy


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