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Happy Birthdae KHJ

June 6, 2009 Leave a comment


Happy Birthdae ET LEADER! =)

I really am impress wif your presentation in haptic mission! U made mi smile when I was really down this few days =) && u motivate mi to never gif up just like u never gave up ur dream. I will stand up on my feet once again and push myself even harder!

p.s: I found the haptic mission wif eng sub. =)

get the links frm mi if u nid!

***edited, SS501 will be having a concert in dec in sg! I wonder if my bff is interested?


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My Day

June 3, 2009 Leave a comment

Spend a day by myself strolling ard tampines central.

Hmmm thou lonely but I felt free and easy

i walk at my pace,

i look at stuff that interests mi,

i stop by my fav shops,

i read at 1 corner

It’s gd but I don’t like to do it often and I don’t like to do it in town area unless I am really feeling down.

I bought 1 language book frm popular(Japo!) by dummies

Really hope I can master some

I will try to learn canto too cause clinic got a lot of canto speaking patient

It’s easier to speak the same language in order to communicate well(my teochew is 1 piece 2 piece but still passable? coz got Obasan say my teochew beri good! WAHAHA~ I am teochewie okay!)

Anyway, planned to head down da vinci the genius exhibition next week @ science centre!

Probably will visit the rest of the science centre and omi-theatre

Hopefully my bestie leg will recover asap! =D

Take care my bestie!


p.s: where can i get the photobook of BOF?


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Get hot!

May 27, 2009 Leave a comment

I love their Get Hot performance! Nice collaboration~!


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I so gonna learn!

May 25, 2009 Leave a comment

Oh man, I suddenly felt like learning cooking! #@@#@Y!@^$#*($& I must be crazy seriously! Hwangbo really motives mi to the point that I really wan to master cooking. I so gonna learn cooking from todae onwards! I shall master my family’s jia chuan cai, five spice prawn roll! AH MA, I am going to learn your prawn roll and pass down your best prawn roll! Next year chinese new year, I so gonna put my heart and soul into making them for the guest! ROAR~!


I nw felt shameful for nt being able to cook a meal.

Gosh, there must be sumthing wrong wif my head!

My bro can cook so can I, hopefully!

edited: the new couples joining after their 1st farewell really gets my nerve! i really hate guys that treat their women badly/disrespectful. Even if u are the universe most goodlooker, I will still despise U!


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U r the man!

May 23, 2009 4 comments


I haf just developed some kind of Serious Laughing Symptom whenever I tune in to kim hyun joong’s show. He really really really is super duper luper hilarious! I can’t stop laffing every single ep from haptic mission to we just married! There are so many hilarious moments that my cheek got so stiff from all the gd laff! Thanks kim hyun joon, U R THE MAN! =) He will make a gd husband!

I think my friend also penged after watching haptic mission. LOLX!


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