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Round 2

October 14, 2010 Leave a comment

I am back, back from interview.

Long trip to boon lay.

Well, boon lay is quite alright for me.

I walked pass nature republic!

BUT NO JYJ poster leh!


Anyway back to the interview, today was my 2nd round of interview.

I bet I was the first candidate to be interviewed!

I reached there very early but I was lucky that the first interviewer spotted me and got me to wait at the meeting rm.

I was perspiring alot coz that place has long walking distance.

Hmm, today interview I think was okay in front but flopped at the end I think.

1 of them told me I got too many hand gesture.


I think gan chiongness ate me today so I didn’t perform well.


Probably a goodbye to this job.

Don’t haf much hope now.


Disappointment was written all over my face.

I think I am still not quik-witted enough.

I was still telling my parents if I got the job maybe we shld move to jurong west.

Ahhh hate that I put in so much effort and everything just goes down the drain in sec.

But I would say it’s a good exposure.

Bye bye jurong, maybe it’s just nt meant for me.



Got to actively look for a job alr!!!

It starts all over again.


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My p/t job

April 12, 2010 2 comments

So I haf mentioned that I will introduce my p/t job as clinic assistant so here it goes:

I haf been working in this dental clinic for coming 2yrs.

At first, it was really tough as u need to handle a lot of things

and some are different in nature.

Here are som pictures!

Model of initial denture, after patient bite on the alginate.

This is how alginate looks like and with teeth mark!

We will pour stone/plaster on it to the the shape and it will turn out to be the model on the 1st pic.

For second impression.

Model of denture for TRY-IN.

Final product of denture!

This the denture model tray.

It comes in various size(XS to XL)

The elastic band for orthodontics(braces).

The colours are really pretty!

 The drill bits!

Forgot to take pic of the “tools” for surgery and extraction!

Anyway, it has been a eye opener for me.

Most ppl thought dental clinic assistant are like damn easy job,

but if u really take on it

It’s hella different when u initially thought.

But the satisfaction comes frm seeing a patient walking out of the clinic happily

and had their tooth problem solved!


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