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Chomp Chomp

March 30, 2009 Leave a comment

Had dinner @ Chomp Chomp on saturday night. Chomp chomp is soooo hito recently ah? I saw ppl celebrating birthday there! HAHAHA! Everyone was like staring looking at them. Chomp chomp also got a lot of handsomes and babes visiting  too. *eyes blinks blinks* But there is 1 particular guy that caught the attention of 4 of us. This young lad, probably my age was sitting opp us, or u can sae he is sharing the table wif us. I hate the blurdy design of seats @ chomp chomp. We were actually sitting at the so-called ‘handicapped table’. There is like alot of those kind of tables in chomp chomp. This  guy borrowed a stool frm the western store(according to my mum) and sat opp her. LOLX! He is quite decent looking, it’s way over average looking even. First look, studious! It’s only when he started mubbling somethings to himself, my mum tio shocked. Such a pity, so young but suffer frm some mental illness. =/ Studying in sg ain’t easy task. Poor chap, hope he will be able to recover frm the illness =). He speaks perfect english, equiped wif well table manners, refine looking, bet he is smart and rich!

I also went funan on sat cause my bro is looking for his HTC dream hp leather pouch. We walked from level7(challenger) to level 1 push carts, none was found! WAH LIU~ We didn’t even see his fone in any shops. =/ But I saw a lot of mini gadgets! I love the sony mini lappies. They are so cute! PSP has got new fantastic colours too! And the stupid wii is tempting mi like hell. ROAR! I wanna lay my hands on iPhone too! Their lil` casing is so cute & lots of varieties! AWWWW~ AUG! Endure~!

Anyway, I am so into word challenge(frm fb) now. LOLX! Great brain teaser game to get my brain to think and exercise.  Gonna get back to study my prices and markets now! TML TEST!!! Wish mi luck. =)


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