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My mickey mouse friends’ diary

April 25, 2009 4 comments


My mickey mouse friends’ diary =P






By a teacher i guess =)

p240409_0011that’s mine (=.=”’)

I bet most of the ppl ard my age do keep a lil diary like mine and pass it ard to their friends to fill up the pages wif colourful pens, sticker, neo prints etc etc! I found mine in my drawer and I was thrilled that the diary is still ard. =) It does brings back alot of memories from pri sch to lower sec. How ‘cute’ we were to write those ‘bo liao’ poems! What roses are red blablabla! Really kiddy days we had but it’s gonna be in our memories always.

I will safe keep it properly and flip thru it in another few yrs time. How sweet those days were. =D

Anyway, I went to bugis todae to pray and also visit the new mall iluma!

p250409_1336I haf this kind of pencil case when I was in lower primary(love the 1 wif sharpener!)

p250409_1337Instant noodle and Ice cream!

p250409_1340Real ice cream UFO!

p250409_1339Humongous size Doraemon! *Kawaii πŸ˜‰

The new mall is great but not all the shops are opened.

I love the UFO’s machine at the top level arcade! =D

Lunched @ MOF which I didn’t enjoy. Food is salty!

But the atmosphere is gd but too crowded.

Lastly, FJ benjamin(GUESS, Gap etc) is having 30% sales. I bought my longgie guess wallet like finally after lemming for so long.

Tml is the last day!

Don’t miss it =)


I love their stuff!


I didn’t see that pretty bracelet! SAD~


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