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March 13, 2010 2 comments

Awww, it’s another no life saturday.

Sometime it sux when ppl ard u ask u where are u gg after class on a saturday.


I haf no where to go but back home.

Than the next line is usually u spend so much time to doll up just for the 3hrs lesson worth it hor?


I really love dolling up after my first encounter with popteen.

After dolling up I feel more confident and ready to start the day,

It’s sorta like u are gg for a war and u haf got to prepare ur armour.

I used to be the kind that doesn’t understand why biz girl are willing to wake up like an hr earlier just to get their MU and Hair done before coming to school.

I fully understand now and doing it faithfully =)

It has just grown naturally into part of my everyday routine already.

What I like to do recently is to flip thru all my precious popteen mag and other jap mag

to source ideas on wat to wear and how to mix and match.

Here are some style I liked frm runways:


Ralph Lauren


Notice something?

I am in love with BLUE now!

&& I’m irritated by my hair nw =”'(

the left side always haf this S shape thing.

Enuff say for now.

I just wanna shoutout to choikang changmin, u look great in PM and those mag photoshoots. =*)


& jun chan and JJ can really run damn fast ah.



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I am BACK!

May 29, 2009 Leave a comment

Evening ppl, and I just woke up. LOLX~

I was over at my bestie bird hse yesterdae! =)

Had loads of fun thou it wasn’t planned beforehand(as usual).

anyway, we were planning to head down cafe del mar to chillout but the weather doesn’t seem to be corporating(it was the total opposite of wat we thought) so we went to orchard to walk walk plus see ss501 album. =) We are pretty muchie into them and their songs! We were really searching high and low for their album in the entire HMV heeren. And we manage to find 1 singles and the price is blurdy expensive.

We chose to head down the cathay for Aston to try their steaks! It is a worthy place if u are craving for steaks or western crusine. The price is beri reasonable too =) We order black pepper steak plus 1 iced tea for abt 13++ each person. ^_^ totally digged their steaks! I would recommend big eater like us to order 1 more sides to haf a nice complete and filling meal. =X(Total 2 incl. sides + 1 side + steak + drinks = COMPLETE MEAL!)

I think I am so gonna turn into food junkies guide soon.

I really enjoy good food!

Planned to catch angels & demons but the timing sucked. HAiiSH

Maybe I shall get the novel?

So instead of movie we went PS to stroll.

Found a nice art and craft outlet there wif tons of ppl getting their crafty stuff.

And we headed to vivo city since the time is still early.

I bought yet another hat(leopard print) from f21.

My friend suggest I go for preppy and rockstar style.


&& yet another fellow persuading me to snip off my long hair. T_T

I so wanna try wavvy hair wif ash brown colour.

I shall try transform to a new era wif my style!

She suggest her style to mi:

Lee Min Jung(she is pretty and cool from BOF Ha Jae Kyung!)

lee_min_jungBut I don’t think I can bare my forehead like hers cause my forehead is super high. =(


I was thinking of transforming to cowboy girl look. =X

But I also love preppy style(LESS IS MORE!)

I do like winnie the pooh style =X

AWW~! I hate making big decision for my hair. It’s always like that.


Anyway, to wrap up yesterdae night at bestie hse, we had cup noodle(ramen!) and non alcholic champange as supper while watching WGM. =)

Chit chat, monopoly, fooling ard and fell into dreamland at ard 4am.

We accomplished our mission for mac breakkie! =)

LOVE YA friend =D


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March 21, 2009 2 comments

11shoes62This actually looks visually pretty =)

nina-ricci-fall-091This is wearable? Or is it a sculpture?



sergio-rossi-milan-fashion-week-2009swirly wirly

weird-shoesRun ‘n’ walk faster?

karos-shoes-shoes-for-valentines-day-3I love this!

model5_111901sthis is pretty too =)

I noe I noe, I nid to blog. LOLX! I am cooped up wif several things recently. First of all I nid to bloodly hell start my revision. My first paper is 1 mth away, sounds far ah? BUT the other 3 papers is on every alternate days starting wif commercial law. @#$@&!**^#! totally screwing us up.

Anyway, we finally seen our marks for the 1 test(mgmt acct) we did. Thank god I passed! If nt I am 1 dead minced meat. If we fail this test, we gonna do past yr paper 1 and 2. Holy~! And gonna hand up on the last class.

Having my finally facial later @10am. WOOTS! My skin condition isn’t in gd condition this days. HATES! Planning to go for shopping advanture on monday, wonder if my BFB(best friend bird) is friend or nt. =) Wanna go trim my fringe @clover salon lehz! My fringe is way tooooooo long now. I am also so deprieve of ideas wat to wear to school. =(


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