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Buzzy days

August 14, 2009 2 comments

I know this place is gonna be covered wif thick thick dust soon,

so must quickly do an update =)

I haf been really busy and tired!

Project piling up like nobody biz(still coping well)

Assignment after assignment

Law test is coming up!(really scared)

Plus now haf to do washing, cleaning of my hse

coz my mum just had her surgery

she is recovering well so



Hope she will haf a speedy recovery and will be able to be back wif her normal life!

Daddy recently also like damn tired


I got to help out abit =D

Bro is working so he aren’t able to help our wif hse chores(plus he like 1 lazy worm)


But it’s like the first time I see him work so hard!

He is aiming for his car

and he is really all out to get it

That’s a great motivation for him I guess!

Wish him luck on his back pay too!


Gonna haf project meeting later @ amk

Gotta do my preparation for the meeting.

Take care ppl and I love SS501! =X

5f505wThey give mi energy! ^.^

P.s : I’m tempted to get U r man mini concert DVD!US29.99, excl. shipping =(

Dear friend, if u are interested pls tell mi coz 2 qty can enjoy free shipping!



Those interested in this brand mask can head down to amk central, red tomato(beside jubilee) to get em!

$1.80 each =)

I always see this mask on popteen so I decided to gif it a try

I bought mostly those that helps in whitening, oil control, moisturising etc


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May 12, 2009 4 comments


Happy POP to my brother!

& congrats u to be part of the police force.

Attended my bro’s long waited POP.

Super freaking hot that evening, perspire like shit!

It’s pretty worthwhile cause got nt bad looking police to ahem look look see see. =P

I saw 1 of our secondary school mates there too! Wah seh 2 diamond on the shoulder wor! LOLX~

Dinner at dian xiao er, nt 1 that I prefer.

Celebrated my bro’s pop plus my parents wedding anni plus mother’s day! LOLX~

Currently I am watching flowers over boys(korean ver), gosh a few of them are pretty cute!VisualBoysOverFlowers

I like Li Min-Ho(wah liu my friend say he look like jerry yan =( He cuter lohz!!!), Kim Hyun Joong(thou he looks alil bit girlish but there are some scene he really look cool, maybe I haf fetish for japo look guys =X), Kim Bum actually also nt bad(I think my dear friend already stick her eyes on him)!

There is 1 more actually nt bad which is the 1 named HAJE. He beri manly like that, plus that harry potter frame spec he machiam superman wannabe.

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March 14, 2009 Leave a comment

Family support is really really really important. 

My cuz is facing some problems.

Really a big headache problem that involve life and death.

I really hope she can cross this hurdle.

From tonight onwards, I will pray for u my dear cuz.

I love u and don’t forget we are all behind you. =)

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