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My Day

June 3, 2009 Leave a comment

Spend a day by myself strolling ard tampines central.

Hmmm thou lonely but I felt free and easy

i walk at my pace,

i look at stuff that interests mi,

i stop by my fav shops,

i read at 1 corner

It’s gd but I don’t like to do it often and I don’t like to do it in town area unless I am really feeling down.

I bought 1 language book frm popular(Japo!) by dummies

Really hope I can master some

I will try to learn canto too cause clinic got a lot of canto speaking patient

It’s easier to speak the same language in order to communicate well(my teochew is 1 piece 2 piece but still passable? coz got Obasan say my teochew beri good! WAHAHA~ I am teochewie okay!)

Anyway, planned to head down da vinci the genius exhibition next week @ science centre!

Probably will visit the rest of the science centre and omi-theatre

Hopefully my bestie leg will recover asap! =D

Take care my bestie!


p.s: where can i get the photobook of BOF?


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