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The day before JYJ

October 18, 2010 Leave a comment

I neglected posting my own life thingys,

So the night before gg for JYJ, my bestie and I met up at The central for dinner.

We had Seoul yummy that day!

We decide to be more korish before we meet the boys!


The side dishes/appetizer!

I like the pancake potatoes thingy!

Very nice~

My main course! =D

Overall rating for Seoul Yummy 3/5 stars!

We walked ard the basement and stop by the Jappie store(bad move!)

I bought 2 cutsy drink

I drank the Qoo alr, it’s jellied drink!

Very kidish drink!


Our main motive at basement was to see the shop named STICKY(homemade candy store)

The business looks good coz the candy are all like SOLD OUT.

Next we went to kino!

I bought Popteen tw ver(oct issue) & 女人我最大 fall issue(Da S is on the cover!)

Afterwhich we settled at starbucks and flipped thru the mags we bought.


Btw I HIGHLY recommend everyone to listen to JYJ new album track 3, EMPTY!

I totally digged that song.

So catchy and very clubbish!

I love dbsk dance tracks, they nv fail to make the songs stay in ur mind!


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JYJ in singapore!

October 17, 2010 Leave a comment

Awww yesterdae was like the best day of my life,


Finally after anticipating for so long!


They are so good-looking.

Thou I haf seen junsu before, but this time round the feel is different altogether.

My eyes literally can’t move away from JAEJOONG the moment he came into my sight.

How to describe him in words?

He stands abt 178cm,

very very very fair(you noe how edward cullen skin fairness? It’s abt that! I haf always imagine him as a vampire so I was so right),

nicely chiselled face,

very nice silky hair,

very manly(thou he always top the pretty boy chart, I really find him very manly),


He is like the prince charming that comes frm the fairytale,

He is the one that I find him the CLEAN type(my friend likes to use this category).

He looked exactly in those pictures taken by fans and so on.

As for junsu, so sorry I only saw him in the xiahtic suit @ airport.

I didn’t even noe he doesn’t haf his shades on.

He has really been working out in the gym yeah?

NICE body!(he wore the apron suit on stage with skins showing!)


the dandy guy!

He is so smiley.

He is very good in english.

His skin is very tight!

Not exactly super skinny, which I like.

Me and bestie went for their showcase.

Our category were quite good.



Anyway, here’s my FULL fanacc before I crash!

I am dead tired FYI.

I came back on sat ard 11+, slept ard 12+, sun woke up 7+, work until 5+

My back sore like ****!

I met up with bestie @ ard 9am on sat!

We were so excited abt JYJ!

We had breakkie at mcdonald at T2 to fill up our energy bar 1st!

We alr saw like 30 odd ppl hanging ard T2 waiting for you-know-who!

But the flight wasn’t cfm yet at that point of time.

So after breakkie,

my friend told me she sense that they will not be coming in frm T2(She predicted T3)

at that point of time was just 10+ in the morning(their flight is suppose to reach @ 1305 via SQ973)

So we took chance, we move ourselves to T3.

When we were there, no fans were seen!


We are the pioneer to reach T3 people!

I rmb the flight was cfm ard 11++, and that’s when the fans start “elephanting” into T3!

This is ard 11.30am on sat!

See the nicely seated line of ppl(the fences wasn’t yet!)


We waited for very very very long time.

The flight actually reached earlier, ard 1258.

The dancer came out first,

after like few more mins, they finally made their appearance!


My eyes was totally glued on JAEJOONG!

He look so fine!

I only took notice of micky’s big white shades after all that is only JJ.


We tried to rush to catch a glimpse of them on the pick up van but really too many ppl and chaotic so we decide to make a move

we went over to citylink to get their album,

if nt wrong, we might be the 2 person that bought the last 2 pieces on the shelf.


It comes with poster too!

BIG BIG BIG one somemore!

After that we went home to refresh ourselves first(bath, redo makeup, change frm heels to flats)

Afterwhich, it’s the finale SHOWCASE!

We Q-ed for very very very long.

This is ard 7plus!

If we line nicely in 1 straight line we may be able to form a line frm expo to bedok central.

The mass Q is alr frm hall 3 – 6!

my spine almost broke with all the stenourous standing walking running!

This is the view from my seat!

Media were right in front of the small stage(envious >.<)

All the wait was worthwhile when they appeared on stage!

The dance, the song, the JYJ was really good!


My eyes, again followed JJ.

When they are performing, you can see they put in 101% of effort.

Each dance move are strong and haf the punch!

Not to mention their vocal!

I was totally wilded by JJ vocal.

Sorry CM & U-know.

My heart just floats to him when I laid my eyes on him the very moment he came out frm the gate.

My friend is also glued on him!

her heart also floated to him.


The concert last abt 1hr.

5 songs with a fan interaction moment.

I seriously dont like the host for the night.

*rolls eye!

His jokes are practically lame till the kind you can’t find ard.

As for the co-host, micky laughed at him so hard that he almost gg to fall off his seat(in conference vid, he seems to be laffing him too =X).

Micky looks like those guy with no airs.

Great guy!

I guess they are really tired after this few days of crazy schedule.

Take care JYJ!

They did say that they might come back next year for concert!

*well, latest news is that they are holding WORLDWIDE concert in Seoul frm 27 nov 2010!

So girls and boys(we saw a couple of fanboys), do save up to see them!


How hot was the last part of showcase yesterday!



But no encore.


I really tried my best to keep shouting for encore but the crowd just nt doing it faithfully!



p.s: this is the report frm xinmsn, with conference vid incl.

sidenote: if my post is lucky enough to get seen by JYJ personally or staff, I would like to extent my greatest apologies if we Singapore haven’t been a good host for ur stay in Singapore. I did read abt some unconfirmed rumours like breaking chair backstage. Really hope that JYJ will continue to shine and be happy in whatever you do. Cassies are always behind ur back! 🙂


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October 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Well, first of all finally JYJ showcase in sg is cfm.

Really happy that fans in sg will get to see them and hear them live on stage.


It’s a once in a life time thing do cherish the moment yeah?

For information abt showcase, u guys can view this url

Good luck to those getting the limited VIP seats.

It’s nt gonna be easy.

As for me, I don’t noe yet.

Giving thoughts of getting of the lowest price tix to enjoy it.

Maybe tml I will haf an answer.

Enough say abt the JYJ showcase in sg,

currently I am in study period.

Yeah, exam is approaching.

Counting down!

Glad to hear frm my team mate which told us we made it for our Strategic Mktg project.

Thank god!

Thanks guys, all this years of effort for every single project during the 2.5years.

You know who u guys are and well done people!

My bro recently got his iPhone 4 so we are playing quite a lot of games.

It’s just different to do things with more people.

No wonder people say the more the merrier.

Addicted to scramble, flickr fish, city story, high noon apps!

I suck in scramble seriously!(I got trashed totally)


anyone with game centre id can add me at kerristan to play.

Now that my bro is on course, I haf more free time during the weekday.

I take those time on weekdays to study and revise.

It had been quite a while since the whole family goes out for dinner together too, so I was pretty glad that we had dinner on sat night though it was just at the coffee shop having zi char.


Dr on hoilday this week so today I had free time to work on my revision.

Had gotten an interview on wed, really nervous abt it.

Good luck to myself yeah.


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I have nothing

September 9, 2010 Leave a comment

I just got addicted to this song sung by them.

I love how they manage the song.

Especially JJ singing power!

He has sucha nice voice that is suitable for almost all genre of songs.

Junsu is really not bad as well.

No wonder he has been chosen for musical, his live is near perfection as well.



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It’s a hairy issue

September 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Back to update.

For those that are concern abt the post earlier,

I haf seen nth frm warner music sg too.

They seem to haf remove the msg on facebook.

So let’s just be patience and wait for official news.


All I noe is that JYJ just joined East Asia Entertainment which has loads of HK artist that incl. Andy Lau.

So HK fans must be real happy yeah?

Anyway, I finished Personal Taste by Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin.


Not bad, I quite like the plot.

Not those draggy and crying a river kind of show.

Now I am watching Full House,

I noe I am a laggard.

The wardrobe they haf are quite retro(from year 2010 POV)!


Quite similar plot as personal taste.

I haf yet to finish so I don’t noe what is gg to happen next.

Wonder wat should I watch after full house.


I finally had my haagen dazs ice cream!

At the Ice Cream Parlor somemore.


The scoop is quite small.

Well, currently had fetish to get accessories.

I went over to montip and got some hair accessories!

Mei mah?


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Red alert!

August 31, 2010 1 comment

I thought I was in lala land when I saw this TWEET!

Check the pictures out!

Moving to the url


I have to get ready my gears!


JYJ coming to our lil`sunny island.

That has got to be the greatest thing happening. =D




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It was really beautiful

June 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Oh man, just caught up with the live streaming of JYJ concert

It was really great.

Love them!

I really really really wanna hear them live!

p.s: damn I will miss 17/6 streaming @13:00 Jap time. GRR!


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