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Fairy Drop

February 5, 2010 Leave a comment

I recently bought fairy drop mascara frm watson

and I really liked it

I don’t use mascara often as I hate the part when u want to remove it!

For fairy drop, it is really really really easy to clean it off

I use loreal eye & lip makeup remover(I swear by this item too ^.^) FYI

My natural eye lash is really short and not much volume kind so I really emphasize much on eye mu!

It was after reading the rave abt fairy drop mascara on cozycot which tempted me to get 1

Try it if u are looking for a mascara but can’t decide which to get


Anyway, I was late for sch for a total of 30mins yesterday!

I reach sch at 9am instead of 8.30am


It was my first marcom class btw

The morning traffic is really really really bad

I woke up at 6.30am and I left home slightly earlier than 7.30am

I was really in a drowsy mode


But the lecturer is quite funny thou



Lucky he nv mention DONG BANG SHIN KI

if nt I will be like staring at him!


Awwww tml is U-KNOW bdae!

The day after tml is MINE!


This is the don’t noe hw many times I haf mention


Sorry for spamming but I can’t help it


Going out later!

I wonder wat is installed for today!

Our plan for today, RWS Victoria Secrets, probably steamboat, ice skate(nt confirmed)!

Shall see our MOOD!


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Beauty Credit

January 16, 2010 Leave a comment

I am doing this post to introduce some cosmetics that I love!

Firstly, let’s start with the face

Introducing Bourjois Mineral Mousse Foundation, this foundation was introduced by my bestie.

We were at taka watson 1 day and we were kinda tempted to get loreal true match liq foundation, but in the end we got that instead.

=X Sorry to that helpful Loreal’s SA btw.

Pro: It is easy to apply, and matches with our skin colour well!

Con: Must dig out from the lil container, which is like quite messy for mi.

Where to get : Certain Watson Outlets, Metro, BHG

How much: $30plus(I can’t exactly rmb hw much)

FYI, I use my fingers to blend it, as I didn’t get the brushes.

My rating: 3.5 stars

Mac Studio Finish Concealer

This is another introduction by my bestie.

I just bought this not long ago but I am starting to love it. =)

Pro: Easy to use and covers flaws well(that is the most impt part doesn’t it?)

Con: Must dig frm the container again, at least it is a clip-click cover which will be more hassle free than the mineral mousse container.(I am a clumsy person)

Where to get: MAC

How much: $27

FYI, I have super super super dark panda eyes. =(

My rating: 3.5 stars

Next up, let me introduce point makeup cosmetics

My fav eyeshadow!

Bourjois Eyeshadow Trio Les Bruns Cuivre

I got to know this eyeshadow frm popteen(my makeup guide)

I love the colour(brown shades)

I haf the grayish-black shades too but I don’t use it too often.

Pro: The colour is gd, the lighter shade can help cover the dark eye circle. Total of 3 tones of shade. The eyeshadow can last for beri long time.

Con: Nil

Where to get: Certain watson outlet, Metro, BHG

How much: >$20(sorry I forgot hw much)

My rating: 4 stars

Revlon Colorstay eyeliner

It has been the best crayon eyeliner!

Perfect for junior eyeliner learner

Pro: Easy to apply, lasting

Con: Abit diff to remove(use loreal 2 color eye-makeup remover), the crayon breaks quite easily(maybe I am too rough! =X)

My rating: 3 stars

Majolica majorca Perfect Automatic Liners

Another great eyeliner!

I ♥ eyeliners

Pro: Easy to use, lasting, dry easily, can use to do alot of stunts for the eye.

Con: Nil

Where to get: Watson

How much: >$20

My rating: 4 stars

Ettusais Cheek Color

Pro: Easy to apply with the tiny puffer

Con: Nil

Where to get: Ettusais counters(BHG, Metro, Isetan)

How much: $29

My rating: 3.5 stars

Kiehls Lip Balm

I haf the vanilla flavoured 1.

Bought this due to Kim Hyun Joong. LOLX

But the is pretty gd!

Pro: moisturise the lip immediately, lovely smell too(they haf a couple of other flavours)

Con: Quite ex and must apply quite often

Where to get: Kiehls Counters(Robinson) or their merchandise store

How much: $16

My rating:3 stars

Above are my humble recommendations.

Hope you guys like it. =D





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