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I so gonna learn!

May 25, 2009 Leave a comment

Oh man, I suddenly felt like learning cooking! #@@#@Y!@^$#*($& I must be crazy seriously! Hwangbo really motives mi to the point that I really wan to master cooking. I so gonna learn cooking from todae onwards! I shall master my family’s jia chuan cai, five spice prawn roll! AH MA, I am going to learn your prawn roll and pass down your best prawn roll! Next year chinese new year, I so gonna put my heart and soul into making them for the guest! ROAR~!


I nw felt shameful for nt being able to cook a meal.

Gosh, there must be sumthing wrong wif my head!

My bro can cook so can I, hopefully!

edited: the new couples joining after their 1st farewell really gets my nerve! i really hate guys that treat their women badly/disrespectful. Even if u are the universe most goodlooker, I will still despise U!


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