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Max – Day

February 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Happy Birthday to ChoiKang Changmin Max!

He is my current baby ♥!

He got the body

the look,

the voice,

the height(althought a bit too tall),

the smart brain(plus points like mad)

the manliness he projects

the cute factor he retains


He is just my perfect lil ♥!

Stay Manly and Healthy!

Don’t grow any taller please, u are gg to hit the roofs soon.



Some songs that are stuck in my head,

Wrong Number

Xiahtic(Jap Ver.)

And of course BREAK OUT!


Enjoy the vids~!


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Happy birthday to MYSELF!

February 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Happy birthday to myself!



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February 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Happy Birthday U Know Yunho!


생일 축하합니다


My prince charming!

I wish you gd health and stay sexy!


He is 1 hidden gem!

Anyway, yesterday I was out with my bestie!

Was really sorry that I mixed up the time.


We went to vivo city for lunch first,

don’t fancy kim gary except for their milk tea.

After that, we went shopping ard vivo before heading to RWS

Erm, we came out frm RWS in less than 30min time.


So we decided to head down suntec city

Took a walk ard there too

Was hoping to get The Secret Code Concert Tohoshinki Tokyo Dome DVD

BUT it was already out of stock

Wah damn sad!

So we went Orchard!

We love to hop frm place to place

We didn’t buy much stuff!

I got my popteen already which is like FINALLY!


We didn’t wan to head home so early but we don’t noe where to go

so we went back home and chit chatted on fone for 3HRS!


We are damn power!

Seems like we are meeting next THURSDAY for clubbing



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Friday girls

January 31, 2010 2 comments

Friday girls is out on friday again!

We combed the 3 outlet of f21 again~

And I bought 1 outer  knited wear! =)

We went 313 somerset, takashimaya, cineleisure, wisma, vivocity, clarke quay on fri!

Totally enjoyed myself that day, it was relaxing and FUN!

With my crappy friend ard,

there is endless jokes!

And I totally wanna rant!


It is sooo annoying without my popteen!

I totally dig their mag that I can’t miss out an issue.

I bought sweet mag(jap edition) that day, just becoz it has the cher tote bag!


We had achy legs after all the walking!

We are meeting this coming friday again!


Wonder what shld we wear?

Causal/smart causal?

I also gotten my bday present frm my family!

My new watch frm DKNY~

The pic totally didn’t do justice to the watch.

Love the colour~

I gotta go work on my consulting assignment nw!


side note: haha~ my bro was pictured and is on the front page of xin min on sat(30/1), their team nab the trouble making vendors at tekka mkt =)


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Happy birthday!

October 8, 2009 2 comments


Happy birthday friend!


Enjoy ur biggie day and may all ur wishes come true!

Hope u enjoyed the day at sentosa and clarke quay =)

***p.s first foto uploaded frm my iphone(edited with application ^_^)


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Happy birthdae Kah Ying aka Mama

April 4, 2009 Leave a comment

dsc02282Went to coasta sand to celebrate KY’s 21th birthdae. This is the shot with all her poly friends! Had a great time there thou I barely noe alot of them. HAHA! Most of them are so chatty so we wouldn’t really feel outta space. Thanks for the invite and see I did make it like i promise from last yr! =) Get well soon ah(doc sae she kana hand-foot-mouth disease).

*ps. this is a night shot @ abt 10+! Sony cammie is superb~


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