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September 28, 2009 2 comments

Jealous jealous jealous

My bro bought the GUCCI STRAP!


Somemore the classic coloured 1

He sooo gonna eat grass for the next few months.

That soon-to-be bdae boy got a new agnes b backpack frm us to


He is infected wif branded nw

He don’t even see billabong nor converse

I went to check out the bag that I like frm coach


It’s really nice and can bring out for all kinds of occasion

but the price just extinguish my dream already


I was busy watching F1 during the weekends

But I miss the porche cerrera race!


I was practically laughing hard when I saw rain filming a promo seg for F1 singapore


Beyonce is freaking hot!

If she gonna hold a concert I bet it gonna rock big time!

First time I feel proud that we sg held a very impressive event.

Though there are flaws here and there.

Rooms for improvements =)


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