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Liz Lisa

November 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Prepare for some SWEETNESS!

If you are avid reader of Japanese Mag, this name LIZ LISA shldn’t be a unfamiliar name.

I went to their webbie recently and the items are just



Awwww! super nice~


In ❤ with ribbon!



So pretty rite the bag!

AWWWW~ I want 1!

This pouch is sooo nice!

Another wooollly bag!

Even the falsies are nice too!



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Marathon of studies

November 5, 2010 Leave a comment

I just finish my last exam yesterday,

didn’t feel exceptionally excited.

Just an empty feeling.

I just wanna clear my exam and ciao to SIM!

I recently had a very UNPLEASANT  experience with the Singtel CS.

Really pissed me off to max!


Anyway, I definately want my problem to be solved so I am gonna do whatever it takes.

I went over to Tampines mall, Tampines 1 and IKEA to take a walk.


It’s really very crowded today.

But sales are appearing at almost all the stores.

Of course I did buy some items back.

I went looking for ELLE with the Agnes B MU pouch but to no avail.


I went to MAC counter today to see the primer + base, I was quoted 50+ for it?!?

I thought I saw the newspaper saying it’s 30?

But the it’s Out of stock anyway.

I went in Crabtree & Evelyn to checkout the price of the hand therapy too.

It’s kinda expensive!

Anyway, I bought this from IKEA

I name it LILI.

Heehee (^^)//

It’s a indoor plant call Peace Lily.

I intend to bring it to the office.

I like the pot very much too it has angel prints on it.

So peaceful and serene ah?


I am starting work next week.

Not looking forward nor dread to have it coming.

Another blank feeling.


Anyway, I will be going to USS on 17 Nov with my friend!


We haf been talking abt this for very long time.

Can’t wait.

I am interested in the walking with dinosaurs too.

Wanna see my new schedule book?


Minnie with her panties shown (n_n)

Let’s take a look inside the schedule book(cost me a whopping 17+)

Full calender(sorry for the poor image =.=)



I bought falsies recently too!


This is from Pink Beauty$14.90

This is from SASA $4.90

I am trying Hada Labo too


Not bad. =)

Girls really haf a lot of areas where u can suck our molaahs!


Currently, I am addicted to the Show Catch Me Now from Channel U.

Artist incl. Fala Chen(very pretty!), Joe Ma and Damian Lau(He has the middle age man charm)

The Saturday and Sunday 7.30pm HK drama from Channel also not bad.

We are seriously deprieved of good dramas here in the tiny island.

I super duper love Nu Ren Wo Zui Da too.

I saw Niu er lao shi introducing baby wipes for mu remove!


It’s a show seriously bad for ur pockets!


And I am also catching America’s next top model from Youtube.

Cycle 15!

Wonder who will win and be on VOGUE ITALIA!


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