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I have nothing

September 9, 2010 Leave a comment

I just got addicted to this song sung by them.

I love how they manage the song.

Especially JJ singing power!

He has sucha nice voice that is suitable for almost all genre of songs.

Junsu is really not bad as well.

No wonder he has been chosen for musical, his live is near perfection as well.



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It’s a hairy issue

September 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Back to update.

For those that are concern abt the post earlier,

I haf seen nth frm warner music sg too.

They seem to haf remove the msg on facebook.

So let’s just be patience and wait for official news.


All I noe is that JYJ just joined East Asia Entertainment which has loads of HK artist that incl. Andy Lau.

So HK fans must be real happy yeah?

Anyway, I finished Personal Taste by Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin.


Not bad, I quite like the plot.

Not those draggy and crying a river kind of show.

Now I am watching Full House,

I noe I am a laggard.

The wardrobe they haf are quite retro(from year 2010 POV)!


Quite similar plot as personal taste.

I haf yet to finish so I don’t noe what is gg to happen next.

Wonder wat should I watch after full house.


I finally had my haagen dazs ice cream!

At the Ice Cream Parlor somemore.


The scoop is quite small.

Well, currently had fetish to get accessories.

I went over to montip and got some hair accessories!

Mei mah?


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