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Red alert!

August 31, 2010 1 comment

I thought I was in lala land when I saw this TWEET!

Check the pictures out!

Moving to the url


I have to get ready my gears!


JYJ coming to our lil`sunny island.

That has got to be the greatest thing happening. =D




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still barely alive

August 31, 2010 Leave a comment

I’m back for to do some posting

It has been long since my appearance here.

I am active on twitter thou.

I am enjoying twittering very much.


So let’s get down to business

what haf I been doing lately?

I haf been doing project, gg to sch(skipped a few thou), gg outing, staying at home watching out-of-date movies.

Some titles I really enjoyed 


Tony Stark(Robert Downey Jr.) is really humourous and smart!

Next up, Shutter Island

Seriouly I love the twist of the show.

It’s not the I think it’s like this, not as simple kind of show.

Leonardo Dicaprio is just 1 amazing actor.

While shutter Island is complicated kind,

Blind Side is the simple and heart warming kind.

Superb show!

Next, cartoon/animated film

How to train your dragon!

Cute dragons!

Toothless has got to be my fav!

Don’t belittle animated films!

Up is another great great film that is worth ur time to appreciate!

Very nice story.

And I did teared coz it’s really heart warming.

My recommendation stops here.

I am waiting to watch Alice in the wonderland, Ice age 3, Sex and the city, Eclipse and many many many more

When it  comes to movie, I am always a laggard.

We don’t show up on movie theatre most of the time thou we plan to catch movies when we go on shopping trips.

Frankly speaking, I like English/Hollywood films.

But I do watch Chinese and other foreign country production movies(select good titles to watch)

Recently, I got wowed by IP man too.

Donnie yen is really very stunning in the movie!

Nice kungfu action!

I am waiting for IP man – Beginning of the the legend by Du Yu Hang.

Coz got my fav actor Yuan Biao.


I just finish the HK drama name Tong Tian Gan An also by Yuan Biao and a few superb HK artist like Gigi Lai, Chen Hao and Mong Jia Hui

It’s was shown on Channel U not long ago too.

I am watching personal taste(at ep3 only), I think it’s okay.

But I think Lee min ho is beta in BOF?

Alright, enough of my drama and movie commentary.


Let’s move on to some personal thoughts.

The reason I haven’t been blogging is also I am just filled with loads of emotions recently.

I just wanna cool myself first before I blurt out things that are nasty over here.

My parents are gg HK in Nov for Holiday,

for many of you gg overseas are just simple routine things every year.

For me, it has always been a dream that I haven’t fufill yet.

I haf got nobody to blame but myself,

if only I had taken up more holiday jobs, probably I would haf end up gg for holiday in another country long long ago.

Since young, I am fasinated by airplanes and of course envied many that has visited many foreign countries.

I would love and wants to bring the dream to life as soon as I can.

Life is short, I wanna bring my dreams to reality.

Have faith HUIYI! Keep the faith like you are keeping it for DBSK.

“And Jesus said unto them … ,

“If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed,

ye shall say unto this mountain,

Remove hence to younder place; and it shall remove;

and nothing shall be impossible to you.”
Romans 1:17


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