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Simple fare

June 25, 2010 2 comments

Alright, this shall be the very first post on making delicious yummy food on your own.

Yes, you heard me Do It Yourself

My first lesson will be to make century egg porridge

Here are the items that you need

1. Maggie porridge(flavours are up to you)

2. Century egg(just 1 will do for 1-2 person portion)

3. Meat or for my case I replace with meat balls

*** You can always mix and match with other items like sausage/ luncheon meat etc.

But I kept it as authentic as possible!

Next process the items!

How to process the century egg?

Step 1 Just use the plastic that the egg was placed in to rub off the brown stuff

Step 2 Throw the plastic filled with the brown stuff away, and wash the century egg with water

Step 3 Gently crack the egg and peel of the shell(see below pic)

It’s actually somehow “cooked” so it’s hard inside

Next up diced the meat ball and century egg!

Just cut them into small piece so that it can be sent into mouth easily!


Fill the pot with water(abt 300ml)

Pour the maggie porridge into the pot filled with water and stir(rmb to on the fire)!

 ***Keep stirring until it boils, if nt the porridge will stick at the bottom of the pot

Stir and when it boils, put in the ingredients!

And just stir to mix the ingredient into the pot of porridge(appro. 3min)

and we are ready to serve!

It was quite a success!

Additional items u can add:

I myself would put in loads of pepper.


Items above are optional!

Hope you love my post and try it on your own.

Shall do another post like this in times to come.

I am really a bad cook, so I try to go for very easy to make stuff.


p.s: To my bf “I will wait for you at home and cook you delicious food!” OOPS!


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It’s an Addiction

June 19, 2010 Leave a comment

As per what the title mention,


&&& that’s gonna be Shopping and TVXQ for me.


Shopping real hard recently.

Too many pretties are getting my attention!

I was at vivo city with my bestie for dinner and shopping trip.



We both bought quite abit of items.

At our favorite dine place, SUSHI TEI!

But we both still prefer paragon outlet.

Our skinny teriyaki chicken (´ω`*) 

My fishy ice-cream!


My bestie BLOCKED ice-cream!


My happy buys!

MNG having sale do check them out.

Thou I just bought a tank top frm them!


Will be having a short break after coming tuesday as clinic will be on hiatus for a week plus.


Well deserved break!

MANY MANY MANY things to do for the coming short break.

1) Extend my dead PASSPORT life!

2) Check out the textbook for coming sem

3) Get my hair DONE!



6) More shopping before my class starts? =D

7) Organize my iTunes, computer(time for reformat?)

Never ending list anyway!


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It was really beautiful

June 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Oh man, just caught up with the live streaming of JYJ concert

It was really great.

Love them!

I really really really wanna hear them live!

p.s: damn I will miss 17/6 streaming @13:00 Jap time. GRR!


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The Devils Ride

June 13, 2010 3 comments


I am back blogging again after my JYJ Tokyo Dome Stalking.

I am having mixed feelings currently about JYJ and HoMin.

I am really happy to see them on STAGE singing and performing, at the prestigious stage TOKYO DOME!

With lotsa celebs attending it.

How cool was that, even ayumi hamasaki wants to attend.

It’s love as a whole!

They are top artist.

I don’t call them idols but ARTIST.

I haf heard Junsu live and I know how powerful his singing is.

If Junsu is that good, the rest are bound to be on the high standards.



But it’s really not the same without HoMin.


Enough say of my favourites.


I haf been doing quite a bit of shopping recently.

Shopping can be addictive!

Here’s are my buys:

Happy buys!

I try to stick as close as to what are featured in POPTEEN!

3dresses(Left and centre from Dano, Right from F21)

Forever 21 had officially become my top place to shop!

I simply love the place!

Great range of pretty clothings!

Pretty earrings from F21!

Magazines from KINO!

Kino please gif me a VIP card man,

I visit you guys every time I go SHOPPING!

And I always end up buying mags from you!

I simply adores POPTEEN!

Vid to share:

p.s: I like how Jejung uses his mouth to open that snack bar!(am I crazy to think that was cool and smack-sexy?)


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Protected: The red ocean

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June 4, 2010 Leave a comment

Duh~ I am so bored.

Didn’t get to chillout nor shop today.

I am so bored at home after work.


Since I am like so free,

I shall BLOG!

Firstly, today is YOOCHUN-DAY!

Happy Birthday Yoochun!

For those that haf twitter and love TVXQ do tweet #yoochunday!

Trending now!


So let  my pictures do the talking than since my blog lags of photo!

Ready and all hype up for SUMMER!

I am in love with White and Flora now.


Serene is the key theme for me.

I bought this few days back.

Nice scent, quite lasting consider the fact it cost $7.10

Told you I am hype up for summer!


MM Makeup Base

with SPF 20++

I haven’t start using it so no review

Bio essence finally sent me this!

Sleeping mask

I tried yesterday night, quite alright.

My new found love!

Mentos jam-filled.

It’s heavenly!


It is a lil like bubble gum, inside it’s super juicy~!

Both flavours are equally good!

NTUC selling 2 for $1.75 now!

Anyone seen purple/black/yellow/orange capsicum before?

I was surprise to see the various colours!

 It’s pretty thou!

Anyone curious on my breakkie galore?


I am in love with kopitiam milk tea nowadays, the taste and fragrance is different from those DIY ones.

Anyway, my breakkie is porkie congee with you zhar kuay! 

Making myself hungry now while writing this section.

I wanna haf century egg congee next week!

My current ♥ playlist:

  • Melody and Harmony by jejung & yuchun
  • Intoxication by XIAH junsu(congrats to making into the orion charts, J-billboard and other music charts )
  • 時ヲ止メテ by tohoshinki

 p.s:I sooooo wanna get the 3hree DVD but it’s really too expensive for me. =/


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