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April 29, 2010 3 comments








They are in Singapore!


JUNHO is drop dead handsome!

He is sooooo like a marshmallow to me.

Very charismatic and gentleman looking!

He is coming up to my top 5!


XIAH JUNSU is not as tall as I expect.

He is really the CUTE type.

Anyway, here’s my fanaccount!

Me and Pauline reached Changi Airport T2 at ard 8pm.

We went over to the arrival belt to take a look at the crowd first before heading for dinner.

Quite relief that it isn’t like super duper over crowded.

We want to make sure we are at the right place and right time too.

So, we went off for dinner first!

We went back to the arrival belt(No.32 if u are wondering) at ard 9pm.

Thank god we manage to get a not bad spot!

We waited for abt an hour standing before a crowd that seems to be them came out!

There is this guy wearing white with black scarf whom the whole crowd mistook as JUNHO.

He really really really looked like JUNHO!

And there is this very hip hop fellow in green adidas jacket that we mistook as Junsu!


We were all to excited and they were quite a distance away!

They were the dancers and some staff that came along with them actually.

As they made their way out, we heard ppl at the crash gate kept screaming JUNHO JUNHO JUNHO.

So we thought, die don’t tell us Junsu is using the VIP passage way.

So the ladies in front of us whom so called haf the internal info went off.

But my friend refuse to believe that so she held on to the glass view area.

THANK GOD that she refuse to leave!

The KIM BROTHERS CAME OUT LIKE 10-15mins after the dancers board the coach!


My eyes stuck onto JUNHO immediately!

He is really 1 eye candy u wouldn’t wanna miss!

I couldn’t recognize JUNSU at first cause I expect him to be quite tall!

But seriously, he is really small frame!

About 176 max?

His face is quite chubby.

Cute guy I would say.

So as they walk out of the arrival hall, we ran out to where the coach was.

Wow, and lucky us!

We got to see them on the coach!

And the JUNHO waved!

His palm is really big, firm and manly type.

Sorry, but I don’t noe why I find his palm so luring!


And so they went off!

We didn’t stalk them cause we don’t noe where they are heading.


But it’s really a worthwhile trip today!

DONG BANG SHIN KI first member to come to SINGAPORE!

Hopefully the rest of them will come to SINGAPORE 1 day.

Best is have them 5 to come together!


p.s: no photos coz we were busy looking at them!


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April 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Will haf to go on a hiatus after this post as my exam is starting NEXT week,

I missed a couple of service too =/

Anyway, before I go on my hiatus shall blog on the few

mix ‘n’ match fashion wear from POPTEEN apr

 Pic quality nt that gd as it is from the back of front cover,

I love this style!

Love the ruffle/clown suit neck!

Starting to fall in love with flora chiffon skirt!

FLORA PRINTS here I come =)

Nice, sweet and girly!

Love the unique pull-over cardigan! =)


So gonna try this style!

After I get the green jacket =.=

If u-know loves this style, HOW CAN I NOT LOVE THIS! ❤

I like how they used a lacy inner top under the checkered shirt.


Something cute, yet feminie and slightly matured!

Perfect but nt in SG context.


I sooooooooo wanna head down BUGIS VILLAGE after my exam!

And keeping my fingers cross that the agents or company will call me up for vacation job.


Things I am lemming now:

– Green jacket!

– Curler(super big wavvy 1)

– Wallet

– Wedge

– Nice white dress

p.s: Loves JJ in the new jap drama. He looks GREAT! =)

The man who poured water on his head, *shake head!

I sense 800,002 ppl staring!


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Midnight delight

April 14, 2010 2 comments

Well, it’s past midnight now and I am still awake.

Actually just completed the designated amt of chapters to finish for today.


Straight after I finish my revision, I went on to complete my 3D apple puzzle!

And I finally completed it.

HAPPY cause it’s really pretty!


This is the apple puzzle I am talking abt.

The instructions

Inside the pack, not including popteen mag of course =P




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My p/t job

April 12, 2010 2 comments

So I haf mentioned that I will introduce my p/t job as clinic assistant so here it goes:

I haf been working in this dental clinic for coming 2yrs.

At first, it was really tough as u need to handle a lot of things

and some are different in nature.

Here are som pictures!

Model of initial denture, after patient bite on the alginate.

This is how alginate looks like and with teeth mark!

We will pour stone/plaster on it to the the shape and it will turn out to be the model on the 1st pic.

For second impression.

Model of denture for TRY-IN.

Final product of denture!

This the denture model tray.

It comes in various size(XS to XL)

The elastic band for orthodontics(braces).

The colours are really pretty!

 The drill bits!

Forgot to take pic of the “tools” for surgery and extraction!

Anyway, it has been a eye opener for me.

Most ppl thought dental clinic assistant are like damn easy job,

but if u really take on it

It’s hella different when u initially thought.

But the satisfaction comes frm seeing a patient walking out of the clinic happily

and had their tooth problem solved!


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What am I suppose to do?

April 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Gosh, I am already starting to worry abt the next sem project group.

I know many may say it’s too early man!

Haven’t even exam yet?


But I think we might face a dramatic change in the coming sem,

our 2 dear brothers may not be joining us for 1 project.

As for other projects we might haf shortage of members.

Is it a good time to quickly build alias with other team before this sem ends?

I know I am the gan chiong spider but it’s real hard to find members as each sem progress.


On a sidenote, is DBSK really disbanded unofficially?

I really admire their professionalism, talent and of course their suave outlooks.

Though I am a super late fan, I really felt sad to hear the piece of news.

But still, we shall



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April 6, 2010 Leave a comment

I am EXTREMELY busy this few days,

rushing for the amca project due date

as I really need time to do my hardcore revision!

I don’t haf time to lose and fret over minor things(except for vetting my frustration here? =X).

Exam is really just round the corner and we still haf to settle the amca last part.

AWWW~ 24 hrs like so not enuff!

I mugged so hard today that I actually forgot to do my trial printing for the amca project.


Gonna wake up early to do trial.

I clean forget everything!

I suffer kinda  insomnia lately,

last friday I actually slept 3hours only thou I went to meet my bestie in the morning.

Just 3hours of sleep, I went for morning class on saturday.

I still crash class with my friend in the afternoon.

After crashing class, I totally broke down.

That last saturday is the day, I was most depressed till date.

Alot of negative thoughts strikes me that day.

Had a hard time calming myself and re-organize myself.

I really hope there wouldn’t be a second time.


We tend to lose ourselves when we want something so badly!




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