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Next phase is coming

March 25, 2010 2 comments

Today, I visited the career fair held at SIM.

Not many exhibitors(what can u expect for a fair that is held at the small atrium)

I bought the career guide 2010 @ $5.

Since I am graduating this year,

I gotta see what are some occupations that I can sign up for.

I dare not think of my future actually, it looks kinda bleak to me too.

Though I often complain how tough the projects are and how stress I become when it comes to exam.

I still like school generally.

Though I don’t really enjoy school recently, I still wanna go to school.

Yes, I am contradicting!

Somehow I just don’t want to end my student life.

I got so many things I wanna learn,

  • Japanese Language
  • Driving
  • Professional Make up
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Roller blading
  • maybe get a master degree in marketing?
  • knitting(so not me!)
  • etc etc!

Don’t u all think learning shld be forever?

I just feel I can’t stay stagnant for long, I need to move on and on until my last breath.

That’s why my friend always say I haf got sharp butt.

Hardly can sit still for a moment.


Recently found myself to be like quite dao person.


It’s nt that I wanna act like that but I don’t noe how to eye contact with strangers/someone nt familiar.

Hence, I just look straight or my trademark LOOK DOWN! =.=

But I am not like that when I am at dental sia.


Sometimes, I am really very phek chek with myself when this happens.

I think is my lack of self-confidence as a whole.

Gosh like that how to pursue my dream of becoming PR officer?

But anyway, I doubt I can make my way to PR as I am nt pretty enuff. =(

Got team mate even said that I look like Female Police Superintendent.

How like that, tell me?

Is it a wrong decision made to cut my long hair?





P.s: I wan a dirty green jacket!



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I wanna join a group

March 23, 2010 Leave a comment

I am beginning to find SIM sports jacket to be “alluring”

Makes me wanna join a sports club!


If I can choose, of course it had got to be badminton!

Think of Jaejoong right away ^.^!

But I was looking at their webbie, it seems like they are nt accepting any newbie.


Too bad I wasn’t in any sports club during my secondary school days.

Hmmmm, I wanna join a sports club!

I so wanna re-live the CCA days.

If I can choose my CCA in Sec Sch again, it definately wouldn’t be ncc air but some sports club!


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new hair colour

March 22, 2010 2 comments

I am lemming to get a new hair colour!

The black ones are coming out and becoming more obvious.

I am wondering wat colour I shld get

Should I opt for darker colour or stick with my light colour?

I am so tempted to haf it in LIGHTER SHADES!

Brown is my colour!

What shld I do with my hairstyle?






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exhausted in every possible way

March 19, 2010 2 comments

I broke into tears yesterday

It has been a long time since the last time I broke into tears.


Really exhausted in every possible way.

It’s nt sch that is killing me.

It’s just my thoughts, my worries are all killing me.

But as I was reading the beginner study(The one thing) for new devotee,

guess what I found I saw the title for day 5

“Choose not to worry”

 I was stunned seriously.

He seems to know what I need most at that moment.

Some things just can’t be explained in words and not to mention how & why it happened.


I felt better after reading it at least and was able to catch some unpaid hrs of slp.


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Dong bang Maddness

March 16, 2010 2 comments

Hahaha~ I just finished watching Champagne talk show with DBSK, of course!

*grins =*)

Had a good luff especially on changmin confession to u-know!

I am changmin bias! =P

I almost got beaten up today

Here’s the story:

I was at the bus stop(SIM) waiting for my bus to go home,

than 2 girls at the back was chatting when I suddenly heard the name CHANGMIN!

Immediately I (O.O)!


The 2 girls was mentioning PM and the mags Changmin was featured.

Than I heard the word ugly(i thought they referring to changmin)



I turned back and STARED.

Than realise they are talking abt the female lead.


Than I smiled and turned back.


Anyway, I am on my last part for new moon too!

Awww, what a pity I didn’t manage to catch it in cinema.


I feel they followed the storybook quite closely.

I love jacob black man,



I can’t wait for eclipse!

and of course breaking dawn.

Here’s the trailer of Eclipse:

I’m gonna fight for you, till your heart stops beating.

I am a HUGH fan of twilight saga!




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new creation

March 14, 2010 Leave a comment

I attended my first church session with dr wong , dr chan and caren my co-sunday partner.

I thought I went to the wrong place at first becoz it was as though I was at a concert

with live music.

It’s super cool and hip!

And those singers on stage haf super gd voice!

Everything was great at the auditorium.

The surround system, the seats, the environment.

It’s nt the usual church u would think of.

Pastor prince was great, I liked his style!

I would totally love to attend next church service.

I am so interested in the GenRev service(27 mar, 4.30pm) where it’s dedicated

to single working adult frm 17 to 29.

Anyway, had a great day at NCC. =)





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March 13, 2010 2 comments

Awww, it’s another no life saturday.

Sometime it sux when ppl ard u ask u where are u gg after class on a saturday.


I haf no where to go but back home.

Than the next line is usually u spend so much time to doll up just for the 3hrs lesson worth it hor?


I really love dolling up after my first encounter with popteen.

After dolling up I feel more confident and ready to start the day,

It’s sorta like u are gg for a war and u haf got to prepare ur armour.

I used to be the kind that doesn’t understand why biz girl are willing to wake up like an hr earlier just to get their MU and Hair done before coming to school.

I fully understand now and doing it faithfully =)

It has just grown naturally into part of my everyday routine already.

What I like to do recently is to flip thru all my precious popteen mag and other jap mag

to source ideas on wat to wear and how to mix and match.

Here are some style I liked frm runways:


Ralph Lauren


Notice something?

I am in love with BLUE now!

&& I’m irritated by my hair nw =”'(

the left side always haf this S shape thing.

Enuff say for now.

I just wanna shoutout to choikang changmin, u look great in PM and those mag photoshoots. =*)


& jun chan and JJ can really run damn fast ah.



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