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February 25, 2010 2 comments

I was in town yesterdae to meet bestie again.

We are like meeting every week.


My popteen issue(chinese ver.) is nt out yet!


Agnes B collector series is nt out either,

so basically we didn’t buy anything frm kino!

It’s like so rare case!

Anyway, we had Aston yesterday!

It has been pretty long since we visit Aston.

We love the food and price!

The only bad thing is the tiny portion.


We are big eaters. =X

We headed over to vivo for some shopping,

yeah spend money again.


I really think it’s time to stay at home.

I hate Happy Farm 2 man, connection error!


Back to wolfteam(I am a FPS fan).






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February 23, 2010 2 comments

I know I neglected this space for a short while,

due to my project.

My project team and I are meeting sooooooo often that we see each other almost 7days a week.

We hardly haf spare time for ourselves.

Really hope that our effort put in for the project will be returned wif good grades.

Anyway, I haf lots of overdue pictures!


So I shall start with the CNY celebration fotos!

Our self-prepared YUSHENG!

I love Yusheng with my fav raw salmon!

Food that we haf prepared!

My daddy(incl. my dad) side all can cook beri well, esp my 2nd aunt!

I wonder why I wasn’t imparted with that talent! =(

More food!

Saw the red stuff in the plastic tub?

That is spicy crab meat, super delicious(new creation by my 2nd aunt)!

My daddy hot selling cheesecake!

He is a baker FYI.

Our pretty FeiFei in chongsam!

She is my niece.

She is really cute!

Mr JayJay aka monster/destroyer!


He is the naughty handsome boy and nephew of mine!

Ms Krystal with my MATO-SAN!

She is known as the “nobody but mama”

She wouldn’t let us carry her.


Next up is my first time to FLYER!

I went there on CNY 1st day night with my parents.

Floating bay~

VROOM~ F1 track

The hotels


The tixs~


Next my first steamboat session with bestie!

It was the first time we went for steamboat together after 10yrs of friendship.


We were at Xian De Lai steamboat shop.

we love the tom yum side!

But unfortunately we kinda ruined it towards the end =X


p.s: I like the show 200 pounds beauty. I teared during the show when hanna told the male lead in the scene when 1 fellow was stalking hanna at her hse. It’s so true man!


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Max – Day

February 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Happy Birthday to ChoiKang Changmin Max!

He is my current baby ♥!

He got the body

the look,

the voice,

the height(althought a bit too tall),

the smart brain(plus points like mad)

the manliness he projects

the cute factor he retains


He is just my perfect lil ♥!

Stay Manly and Healthy!

Don’t grow any taller please, u are gg to hit the roofs soon.



Some songs that are stuck in my head,

Wrong Number

Xiahtic(Jap Ver.)

And of course BREAK OUT!


Enjoy the vids~!


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Happy Lunar New Year & V Day

February 13, 2010 2 comments



Happy Valentine’s Day to all couples out there! =)

For me its Happy Lunar New Year only.


It’s yet another lonely V Day for me.


Hopefully next year V Day my bestie and I would be able to go on dates wif our love!

Or a dbl date would be my ultimate wish!

***I wanna date MAX Shim CM!


I think I will be killed by 800K +/- fans before I get to go out for the date.


I’m joking so please spare my lil` life!

arigato gozaimasu!

But I know I am not alone, I haf my bestie that is always there to accompany me for shopping and food feast!


We are meeting so frequently!

Suppose to be clubbing yesterdae but due to unforeseen circumstance we end up


I bought a Jap Mag named Steady(Mar issue with agnes b voyage tote)

I love the cute design!

We are aiming for agnes b collection mag!

The bag that comes with it looks GREAT!

*lemming lemming lemming


Anyway, today I am like a zombie that is moving here and there

I had like 3hrs sleep last night!

I woke up at 5.30am today!!!

We need to head down bright hill to offer prayer to my late grandparents.

Came back home, did some packing and tidying of my room.

I also helped out with other hsehold chores.

I am super shag right nw!

BTW I am super unhappy with sakae sushi service.

Shan’t elaborate more, totally spoil mood.

I will be having reunion dinner late tonight becoz we haf to wait for my bro to come back frm work!


Tml is 1 BUSY day for us.

Shall update again soon!





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February 9, 2010 Leave a comment


CNY is just round the corner but I am feeling all stressed up


I feel that way coz I haf so much project on hand but I can’t seem to put in my 100% concentration

Just yesterday project meeting for example

usually I will do intensive research on companys/etc that we are doing

But this time round I feel so unprepared!

Which leads to lesser contribution frm mi



Anyway, I tried to search for some info frm factiva, google and stuff.

I just feel it’s nt ENOUGH yet

I think I haf been playing too much till I lost all my concentration!

I feel super lethargic too!




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Happy birthday to MYSELF!

February 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Happy birthday to myself!



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February 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Happy Birthday U Know Yunho!


생일 축하합니다


My prince charming!

I wish you gd health and stay sexy!


He is 1 hidden gem!

Anyway, yesterday I was out with my bestie!

Was really sorry that I mixed up the time.


We went to vivo city for lunch first,

don’t fancy kim gary except for their milk tea.

After that, we went shopping ard vivo before heading to RWS

Erm, we came out frm RWS in less than 30min time.


So we decided to head down suntec city

Took a walk ard there too

Was hoping to get The Secret Code Concert Tohoshinki Tokyo Dome DVD

BUT it was already out of stock

Wah damn sad!

So we went Orchard!

We love to hop frm place to place

We didn’t buy much stuff!

I got my popteen already which is like FINALLY!


We didn’t wan to head home so early but we don’t noe where to go

so we went back home and chit chatted on fone for 3HRS!


We are damn power!

Seems like we are meeting next THURSDAY for clubbing



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