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Friday girls

January 31, 2010 2 comments

Friday girls is out on friday again!

We combed the 3 outlet of f21 again~

And I bought 1 outer  knited wear! =)

We went 313 somerset, takashimaya, cineleisure, wisma, vivocity, clarke quay on fri!

Totally enjoyed myself that day, it was relaxing and FUN!

With my crappy friend ard,

there is endless jokes!

And I totally wanna rant!


It is sooo annoying without my popteen!

I totally dig their mag that I can’t miss out an issue.

I bought sweet mag(jap edition) that day, just becoz it has the cher tote bag!


We had achy legs after all the walking!

We are meeting this coming friday again!


Wonder what shld we wear?

Causal/smart causal?

I also gotten my bday present frm my family!

My new watch frm DKNY~

The pic totally didn’t do justice to the watch.

Love the colour~

I gotta go work on my consulting assignment nw!


side note: haha~ my bro was pictured and is on the front page of xin min on sat(30/1), their team nab the trouble making vendors at tekka mkt =)


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Forever 21

January 26, 2010 4 comments

I haven’t been blogging for a short period of time so here I am

Nth much happen recently,

just went for some grooming session and shopping wif bestie last wk!

We went clover salon again.

My friend had her bangs back!


And we combed the 3 branches of FOREVER 21 on that afternoon.

We are in forever 21 maddness!

I bought 2 tops, 1 chio-ness heart shaped necklace and a skirt!

Happy girl!

I was lemming for more!

It was hard to resist.

Probably another round of shopping coming right up this wk.

And I wan my new ed of popteen!

Just read soompi that JJ mag had to reprint!

Tohoshinki rocks!

We manage to get a glimpse of JJ mag in Kino

The cover is really awesome!


Talking abt TVXQ




The pretty boy is having his birthday today,

I wish him and also the other member will be back together as 5 again soon!

I wanna see them perform on stage again!

Can’t wait!

Always keep the faith! =)

Next month is My 2 Favourite boys mans birthday!


Jung Yunho(U-Know) – 6 Feb


Shim Changmin(Max) –  18 Feb

Suddenly I love the month FEBRUARY!

What’s more my birthday is just 1 day after U-Know’s! (^.^)

p.s: break out totally rock the house!




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Beauty Credit

January 16, 2010 Leave a comment

I am doing this post to introduce some cosmetics that I love!

Firstly, let’s start with the face

Introducing Bourjois Mineral Mousse Foundation, this foundation was introduced by my bestie.

We were at taka watson 1 day and we were kinda tempted to get loreal true match liq foundation, but in the end we got that instead.

=X Sorry to that helpful Loreal’s SA btw.

Pro: It is easy to apply, and matches with our skin colour well!

Con: Must dig out from the lil container, which is like quite messy for mi.

Where to get : Certain Watson Outlets, Metro, BHG

How much: $30plus(I can’t exactly rmb hw much)

FYI, I use my fingers to blend it, as I didn’t get the brushes.

My rating: 3.5 stars

Mac Studio Finish Concealer

This is another introduction by my bestie.

I just bought this not long ago but I am starting to love it. =)

Pro: Easy to use and covers flaws well(that is the most impt part doesn’t it?)

Con: Must dig frm the container again, at least it is a clip-click cover which will be more hassle free than the mineral mousse container.(I am a clumsy person)

Where to get: MAC

How much: $27

FYI, I have super super super dark panda eyes. =(

My rating: 3.5 stars

Next up, let me introduce point makeup cosmetics

My fav eyeshadow!

Bourjois Eyeshadow Trio Les Bruns Cuivre

I got to know this eyeshadow frm popteen(my makeup guide)

I love the colour(brown shades)

I haf the grayish-black shades too but I don’t use it too often.

Pro: The colour is gd, the lighter shade can help cover the dark eye circle. Total of 3 tones of shade. The eyeshadow can last for beri long time.

Con: Nil

Where to get: Certain watson outlet, Metro, BHG

How much: >$20(sorry I forgot hw much)

My rating: 4 stars

Revlon Colorstay eyeliner

It has been the best crayon eyeliner!

Perfect for junior eyeliner learner

Pro: Easy to apply, lasting

Con: Abit diff to remove(use loreal 2 color eye-makeup remover), the crayon breaks quite easily(maybe I am too rough! =X)

My rating: 3 stars

Majolica majorca Perfect Automatic Liners

Another great eyeliner!

I ♥ eyeliners

Pro: Easy to use, lasting, dry easily, can use to do alot of stunts for the eye.

Con: Nil

Where to get: Watson

How much: >$20

My rating: 4 stars

Ettusais Cheek Color

Pro: Easy to apply with the tiny puffer

Con: Nil

Where to get: Ettusais counters(BHG, Metro, Isetan)

How much: $29

My rating: 3.5 stars

Kiehls Lip Balm

I haf the vanilla flavoured 1.

Bought this due to Kim Hyun Joong. LOLX

But the is pretty gd!

Pro: moisturise the lip immediately, lovely smell too(they haf a couple of other flavours)

Con: Quite ex and must apply quite often

Where to get: Kiehls Counters(Robinson) or their merchandise store

How much: $16

My rating:3 stars

Above are my humble recommendations.

Hope you guys like it. =D





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January 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Heehee, what haf I been busy lately?

*dong bang shin ki!

I haf kinda exhaust the whole youtube,

I have watched dangerous love(super cute), dbsk season 3, jihwaza(a must watch variety show),  Break out mv, their dom tour(super old vid), heroine 6, & alot of other random vids too.

I love my iPhone coz it has the youtube app and I can watch it anytime I wan to. =)

I haf exhausted my iPhone too, sorry baby~! =(

It’s just too addictive.


Other than that, I haf been working on my service quality case study(met up wif team members), paid school fee, laze ard, gg for facial and napping~!

It feels soooo gd to be able to laze ard and nap!!!


I feel like trying The Rice Table! Is it still operating?


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My time still going on

January 11, 2010 Leave a comment

I am reading a totally not much link of tvxq book which mi and my friend had bought it yesterdae at kinokuinya.

It’s in tw chinese so some char don’t really noe what it mean.

It’s quite a lame 1 though, the author basically use the 5 of them as the main cast and wrote “novels” abt them and some super lame “UFO replies”.

 But the pics are quite nice.

Beri few max & u-know photo =(

Anyway, me and bestie went to so-called celebrate our 10th friendship anniversary!


We are more like torturing ourselve by stuffing the food within 1 hr.

My stomach was damn bloated!


Next time no more stuffing of food!

I almost died~

My friend must be enjoying herself in Korea nw.


My max and u-know autograph! =X

I went shopping todae at vivo city today, bought quite a couple of stuff back(mainly cny clothings)


I love shopping on weekdays

I had all the time to walk ard and do the fitting without Q-ing

Here’s a glimpse of wat I bought

Try guessing hw much I spend on this!

My buys~

I am done wif my apparel shopping for cny, just see if there are accessories that are nice and pretty!

I quite like the mac lippie stick, nice colours!

p.s: I spent $2 dollars on the necklace =)




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Protected: Top Secret!

January 9, 2010 Enter your password to view comments.

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Let’s get started!

January 5, 2010 3 comments

Today is my second day back in school after a mth plus of holiday

As soon as we are back in school,

we can feel the tension and the stress

Firstly, we gonna submit our “choice” of case study to do and who are our team members.

We were super stunned(maybe just our grp)

Firstly, we are lack of team mates…

Secondly, we haven’t thought of wat case study to do(this is solved so nt much of a problem nw)…

Thirdly, we are to submit our service audit company(we are still wondering who are the possible company)

But whatever it is our grp motto for nw is to PRESS ON!

Nothing shall stop us nw.




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