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Last day of 2009~

December 31, 2009 Leave a comment

Awww~ 2009 is coming to an end in less than 3 hrs time.

How has this year been?

For me, it’s a rather okay year for me.

Just that I am still quite disappointed that I had to retake commercial law mod.


Other than that I am rather happy wif this year.

I hope 2009 had been a gd year for you guys out there too =)

During 2009 I was mesmerized by SS501 and DBSK

Those cuties really made my day when I was nt feeling as per normal.

This year I also learned how to put on falsies!^.^

I am getting more and more vain!


As for my hope for 2010

The top priority is to clear all the remaining 6 mods in just 1 take!

I wanna graduate from sim-rmit asap!

I also want to go on a graduation trip too!


2010 is also me and pauline 10th friendship anniversary


Old liao lahz!

Below is a little note for my dearest friend:

Dear Friend, it has been 10 years! Thank you for being there when I need a listening ears and nv leave me when I needed help most. We been thru alot in the past 10years  happy times, bad times! But I believe we learned to be more matured everytime we fell. I still rmb hw we first met in class and hw we later became in-separable friends. We create trouble together, we play together, we gossip together and do shopping together. Thou we went different polys but we still kept in touch and met up often. I rmb that there were times when we were really felt that we were strangers to each other but we held on and broke the ice once again and became good friends. I hope we will haf more good years of friendship together and never get out of touch again. I wish you all the best for your next phase of life, career, love life, health, family, friends and many more! Thank you once again. =)


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hamtaro pajamas

December 26, 2009 4 comments

I really like this pj ever since I saw JJ wearing it

Anyone noe where I can get em`?



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December 24, 2009 Leave a comment

Back to blog!

Firstly MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!

Enjoy the festive mood after 1 whole year of hard work plus before starting a brand new year.

I will be kinda busy for the coming days

Shopping, gathering, vids watching and gaming =X

I just had a dinner gathering with my 2 polymates yesterday after work

Nice gathering with them =)

Love the seafood platter!


Btw I gonna head down amk soon for popeye!


Plus our 10yr friendship anniversary is coming too! ^.^



Introducing new-comer


He taking to much space so he sitting on my chair when I slp.

It’s a bdae gift from my 2 poly friends.

Yeah, super-belated gift! =D

Thanks guys!

Anyway, cotton stuffed bears and overly furry bear my nose can’t take it.

I have a nosey problem which is quite bad at times.

So I can’t have too much teddy bears and I can’t really slp in air con.

I will start to sneeze like siao.

Hope you ppl understand if u can’t find those bears that was given to me but no where to be found,

they are actually ard but in my cupboard.

Anyway I was reading popteen and saw a column which is the profile of the model(e.g the products they use, brand they like, idols, fav food etc)

Make me wanna list mine too on my bloggie. =)

Friend let’s do together?

It’s like those diary where we used to keep.



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Festive Season

December 19, 2009 5 comments


I am left with 6 working days to end my p/t job!


But time really fly pass really really really quickly


2009 is gonna end in 2 weeks time

I wonder what is 2010 installed for me

Half excited, half worried

It’s gonna be my last year in SIM

Shall enjoy my schooling life to the fullest before stressing my brain out wif projects and exams

I will be setting up a lil` corner in my blog to sell my textbooks

Hence, interested parties can email me to get em`

This week is xmas week!


Btw, MNG is now on sale

I saw a nice yellow bumble bee look-alike blouse but my mum say I got 2 many that kind


I saw a few nice flats at pedder red too!

^.^ *grins~

Planning to head down to club on the 30th dec!


I haven’t club for LONG LONG LONG time

I haf a long list of items I wanna get

DEAD (x.x)


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1 man show!

December 14, 2009 Leave a comment

Wah, my whole body almost disjoint after a day helping out at dental clinic.

I did a 1 man show btw!

My partner was sick so I am the only 1 there to help out.

I did cashering, admin, registration, washing, set up the rm, attend to calls, assist doc, dispense med, pour model, attend walk in and clear for the day.


I didn’t even haf time for toilet and lunch.

I was abt to die on the spot.



I did it!


Everything ran quite smoothly. =D

Awww, jongie boy looks fantastic here don’t u think?

Love this boy when his fringe is short. =)

My friend sure drools over the pic.

But her eyes is set on another handsomie which has the score of 100 for IQ!


Anyway, I haf to praise jungmin for the Leslie Cheung Song “Chase” performance in HK.

It’s super duper gd!

The song is super nice, jungmin performed it really really well.



Will haf my enrolment this coming wed.

New sem starting soon, another new year to start.


I can’t wait ^.^

It’s so quiet like that this year, is it only my thought?


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Super Random

December 10, 2009 Leave a comment

I suddenly haf alot of random things that I wanna type it down so here I go:

Today, I realise how impt it is to dress PROPERLY for interview, being watched even before the actual interview, how 1 speaks impact the chance of getting in etc etc etc.

I was quietly sitting at my usual seat in the office todae while watching hw this lady was being interviewed.

Interestingly, I kinda learned a few tips.

What I wanna say is,

dressing is freaking impt.

That lady wore kinda causal for the interview, covered shoes is impt.

I also heard them saying she is a lil too long-winded and not answering to the point, so we beta watch our length of expressing ourselve.

It is really stressful when it comes to interview, because firstly u wanna nail that job and u also wanna show your true personalities & capabilities.

The most impt tips is to find the balance point(which is the hardest part).

I haven’t really gone for REAL interview which is why I was focusing at the candidate the moment she stepped in and hw she went thru the whole process.

I don’t noe if she is selected or not. =)

Next, I finally see the harsh reality of working environment.

I shan’t elaborate much as I am in no position to comment the issue either.

But I really learned alot in my current pt job, I brought back a lot of knowledge too.

It is really a worthwhile experience for me.

I have also found a lot of things whereby I need to improve myself , firstly the way I speak, be more charismatic in the way I present myself and formal email style.

These are the few things which I feel I am seriously still lacking of.

I certainly feel and could see hw impt it is when it comes to career & future.

I still get that bloody tongue-tight once in a well.


But I did kinda overcome a weird phobia I had in the past.

which is having difficulties speaking to handsomies.


I know some may find it ridiculous but that is the truth.

I had this weird phobia which almost cause me to fail my specialist course during my sec sch days.


Come to think of it now, I find it ridiculously FUNNY!

In spec course we haf to present individually some theory,

so I was assigned to this grp and holy crap the grp I was in happens to be in-charge by this handsomie.

I totally messed up the presentation.

And that in-charge must haf found me ridiculously stupid.



Anyway I overcome it!


Enough of job, career and future.

Time for some shopping talks!

I wanna get this scarf which has buttons!

It is so cute lah,

once u button on the scarf

it will haf this hoodies and it looked like the one red-riding hood has!


BTW, there is a kate spade sale at 35 JALAN PEMIMPIN from 11 dec – 13 dec.

See for details.

That’s all for my randomize rant!

A vid to end all this rant: Our kawaii maknae frm SS501

Don’t u think he got a bit of the edward cullen feel? =D

Korean ver. of edward cullen! SLURP!



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December 6, 2009 2 comments

Finally I laid my hands on rebirth album!

Okay, baby looks hot thou abit unrecognizable.

Haf yet to watch the love like this making.

I didn’t get to go orchard nor bugis yesterdae so I didn’t buy trendy yet.

Sorry friend.

Ta-da, I bought the eyebrown crayon and liq eyeliner by Majolica.

Will update on the review asap.(^.^)

Introducing our mini Christmas tree! Kawaii-des~

From ikea btw!

Here’s my new corner look after a lil change in my furniture(New desk and small side cabinet)

Pardon me for the unruly display of random items. HAHA!

Here’s the “fu lu shou” standing on my table. LOLX!

I don’t haf eeyore’s fig. =(

My fav piggy looks super cute here don’t u think? (^.^)

Xmas is just round the corner, but the sales aren’t starting like that uh?

Tml is another new week (=.=)

Start of work again.



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