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September 28, 2009 2 comments

Jealous jealous jealous

My bro bought the GUCCI STRAP!


Somemore the classic coloured 1

He sooo gonna eat grass for the next few months.

That soon-to-be bdae boy got a new agnes b backpack frm us to


He is infected wif branded nw

He don’t even see billabong nor converse

I went to check out the bag that I like frm coach


It’s really nice and can bring out for all kinds of occasion

but the price just extinguish my dream already


I was busy watching F1 during the weekends

But I miss the porche cerrera race!


I was practically laughing hard when I saw rain filming a promo seg for F1 singapore


Beyonce is freaking hot!

If she gonna hold a concert I bet it gonna rock big time!

First time I feel proud that we sg held a very impressive event.

Though there are flaws here and there.

Rooms for improvements =)


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September 23, 2009 2 comments

Damn, I am having blocked nose and “sexy” voice again!

All thanks to mi buying the macaroon from ion.


The taste is nt bad but I still prefer the ones at bakerzin.


I haven’t started posting foto frm my iphone, please bear wif mi for awhile more

I trying to figure out the easy way out.

I really love my new iphone…


I am loving this song =X


My beloved baby’s solo

The music, the rythm, the melody, the person’s singing= )

Enjoy the music~

I haf 1 more vids to show to recommend:



Triple S is sooo cute =)


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September 16, 2009 Leave a comment

Awww, I was browsing the websites selling all sorts of accessories and others.

So, tempted to get em (⊙…⊙ )


pretty in GOLD!


Pretty in SILVER!

d911025-img600x600-12400465642220801__-5I kana a lil bit of bracelet/bangles fever recently =)


I like star designs!

d911025-img600x600-118290414585-4Single sided earring! pretty uh?!

1204382597-ac-1811xf9x0600x0300-mI like this design beri much

d911025-img600x260-1240878062611059105-3I like this 1 too~!

Heehee~ aren’t they pretty?!

I like maple syrup’s accessories, really pretty and sophisticated. =D


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Goodbye Viewty, Hello iPhone

September 14, 2009 Leave a comment

Well, as above!

I am sooooo happy that I finally got hold of my iPhone after lemming for sucha long time. =)

But it also means it “murdered” my bank acc!


But I really enjoy my iPhone company, it sucha great gadget!

I had soooo much fun =D

My bro got himself a Blackberry Bold(it’s a beaute).

The phone design is really nice too but the applications are kinda CHIM!

I also don’t noe hw to explain but it’s really nt a simple phone.

So what haf I been busy recently?

I haf been busy wif project.


Yaya, I am busy “stalking”  SS501 news too.

So happy to noe that they are coming town soon! =)



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September 6, 2009 2 comments



The panadol flu is not working even abit.

I can’t concentrate at all.


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So near yet so far!

September 5, 2009 Leave a comment

I am abit bored by my project so I came over to my cozy lil corner to pour my thoughts out!

Firstly, I guess most ss501 fans must haf known abt the fan meeting in malaysia

I am sooooo envy of those who can make it there for their fan meeting

My freaking passport “died” plus I haf lectures and tons of project details to fill up

My dear friend was so excited like mi when I broke the news to her.


If they were to come we haf tons of mag(trendy, fans, color etc) for them to sign and the solo cd!


But, I doubt I can survive the hardcore pushing and long waiting without food.

I really gif it up to those that survived the crowd.

Congrats to those that managed to get their autograph and got upclose and personal with them

U don’t noe how jealous we are =)

I wonder if I can withstand the situation if they really come for the fan meeting here, it will be my really first time!

I haf never attended this before.

I was actually thinking of what to do/buy for them if they ever come for fan meeting



I did think of the cute lil keychain carebear and we will personalised it wif a blink dogtag attached to it.

I was thinking Yellow sunshine for BABY, Purple for Saengie, Blue for Jongie, Green for Joongie and Pink for Minnie!


I rmb that joongie doesn’t like bear =(

So I gave up

PLUS I doubt we got the time to do all this

unless the come during the period when our exams are over.

Maybe a snack box will be nice with well-wishes letter?

Those boys are getting really thin and worn out.

I guess I haf to do some tuition on simple korean language wif my friend before they come too =)

I know nuts abt korean language

I will try to get some simple jap lines correct too, since minnie is really fluent in jap

Baby was said to be able to hold simple conversation in English! WOOTS~!

I am slightly baby-bias. =D

I love others too!

Anyway since I am a lil bored, I will list out my top ten fav songs by SS501(from their singles and full album):

  1. A song calling for you
  2. Deja Vu
  3. Hey G
  4. Lonely girl
  5. U r man
  6. The one
  7. We can fly
  8. Always and forever
  9. No exit days
  10. 비겁하지않겠어

It’s so hard to choose cause there are many many more that I liked! Like Joongie Please be good to mi, you are my heaven, Jongie wuss up MANY MANY MANY more.


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