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Happy Teacher’s Day

August 31, 2009 Leave a comment

Happy Teacher’s Day!

Wanna thank those teachers that made an impact to my schooling life!

Mdm Lee(李老师): 谢谢老师对我们的教导!我记得老师说我们87 学生 的PSLE 华文成绩最好!=)

Miss William: Thank you for everything, we appreciate deeply. Thanks for inviting the class over to ur hse after exams =)

Mrs Lai: the teacher that watched us grow and graduate frm amkss! Thank you for ur guidance!

Mrs Seah : u don’t noe hw much u helped mi for my ‘O’ Level maths, thou I got a C6 for it! Thanks for everything u haf done!

Mr Siva: haha! our greatest D&T teacher! If it wasn’t him, I guess all our D&T BUANG LIAO! =)

Mr Benedict: Thanks for the help during fyp!

Wish u all good health and smooth sailing career ahead! =)


Anyway, I sooooo wanna try sunset grill at seletar airbase!

I now frigging worry that I screwed my law test.

ARGH! I just felt soooo nervous and I practically had a brain black-out.

I soooo haf to pass this time round!


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August 23, 2009 2 comments

Nobody is gonna believe i choose coincidentally



12504839990908131I sooo wanna mosaic that WXXXN hugging baby!


Anyway, I wanna place order for iPhone S(16GB BLACK) but than it is Out Of Stock!

& the person told mi I may haf to wait for a mth =(

iPhone baby~!

But still I will wait for it =)

Awww~ I love u iPhone, come to mama quick!


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August 18, 2009 Leave a comment

See my title up there?

Yeah I am damn happy as I don’t haf any project meeting or lecture tml!

It really calls for a celebration!

Nah~ just kidding but really I am thankful that I am finally able to stay home for a day

I still haf things to clear thou!

Anyway, I wanna declare my new found love!

It’s Spinelli’s Choc Mint Spin!

I truely love it~!

Do try it if u guys haven’t

It’s not soooo sweet =)

I am nt really into that sweet stuff

I had project meeting wif my grp mates @ novena yesterdae

we settle down @ starbucks initially

and lunched @ fish and co

we had seafood platter!


I think we are darn expensive when comes to eating



Beware!(even when I’m out wif bestie)

We went spinelli after lunch

to finalize the parts we need to do and gif pointers to hw we shld go abt tackling the qn

I so wanna go velocity’s cotton on to take a look but I gotta refrain!

Bought too many clothes and mags this mth.

Gotta die of insufficient vitamin M! =(

Anyway, I did saw the news regarding Leader and Saengie in HK

all I can sae is they are ordinary humans afterall

Idols are “packaged”

No doubt i fell for their marketing gimmicks

thou I am a marketing student myself, but truth is who doesn’t fall for marketing gimmicks

I still love SS501 thou

plus i also gif the benefits of doubt

we are nt the witness right at the point of time and we are only fans wif no rights to interfere their personal life

most importantly there’s no doubt that they are really cute and had great voices plus splendid entertainers


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Buzzy days

August 14, 2009 2 comments

I know this place is gonna be covered wif thick thick dust soon,

so must quickly do an update =)

I haf been really busy and tired!

Project piling up like nobody biz(still coping well)

Assignment after assignment

Law test is coming up!(really scared)

Plus now haf to do washing, cleaning of my hse

coz my mum just had her surgery

she is recovering well so



Hope she will haf a speedy recovery and will be able to be back wif her normal life!

Daddy recently also like damn tired


I got to help out abit =D

Bro is working so he aren’t able to help our wif hse chores(plus he like 1 lazy worm)


But it’s like the first time I see him work so hard!

He is aiming for his car

and he is really all out to get it

That’s a great motivation for him I guess!

Wish him luck on his back pay too!


Gonna haf project meeting later @ amk

Gotta do my preparation for the meeting.

Take care ppl and I love SS501! =X

5f505wThey give mi energy! ^.^

P.s : I’m tempted to get U r man mini concert DVD!US29.99, excl. shipping =(

Dear friend, if u are interested pls tell mi coz 2 qty can enjoy free shipping!



Those interested in this brand mask can head down to amk central, red tomato(beside jubilee) to get em!

$1.80 each =)

I always see this mask on popteen so I decided to gif it a try

I bought mostly those that helps in whitening, oil control, moisturising etc


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Listen to my heart!

August 3, 2009 Leave a comment

Specially dedicated to my dearest dearest dearest KIM HYUNG JOON aka Baby aka Turtle of DBL S 501,


생일 축하합니다, 김형준

誕生日おめでとう, キム・ヒョンジュン


May ur career be smooth sailing and ur cute & innocent smile will never leave you for even a wee sec.

Wish u good health(pls eat more!) too!

I love u guys more everydae.

I can’t stop getting info of dbl S! =)

Please do visit singapore and hold ur persona concert here!

We are definitely looking for it =D

I love u BABY!

&& the rest of DBL S




Please be good to me, KHJ Joongie!

Saengie boy dance – his solo dance is awesome too!

Saengie boy rapped for wussup! – I was stunned totally!

KAWAII BABY birthdae celebration!


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