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July 31, 2009 Leave a comment

Double S Persona Concert Asia Tour COUNTDOWN 1 DAY!

Hope all members would be in tip top condition and please rest well after ur concert over the weekends

Though Me and my dear gorilla friend is  nt able to support u guys in Korea Seoul,

I will pray for hugh success for the concerts and all members.

DOUBLE S Joongie, Saengie, Jongie, Minnie, Joonie FIGHTING!

Sg fans(incl. me) are waiting anxiously for ur arrival.

Alright, well wishes sent out already

I finally caught Harry Potter last night!


after weeks and weeks of delay

we finally caught the movie @LIDO

Met up wif missy gorilla in the afternoon after my lesson

Went suntec city for lunch/dinner @ ICHIBAN BOSHI

Marina sq had so many many many UFO catchers(nt fully ready)!

Tempted to try my luck


Zara having 70% sale already(final cut)

fans of zara make ur way down soon =)

Nth caught my eye thou =X

I bought a top frm promod @ ION

Yeah, we chiong down orchard again.

For like consecutive 3 weeks?

ION is a great place to shop and chill out btw

Feeling kinda down now

So I shall be off to dig my fav boys news and vids =)

This is dedicated to my friend(hope she haven’t watched it yet)


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Piece of memory

July 24, 2009 2 comments

Piece of memory

This is the cut from their jap variety show called the mission!

The mission for the ep is to film a short action movie.

Saengie is really commendable with the back flip(kungfu wannabe), Joonie baby is total HOTTIE, Joongie leader u ROCK!


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July 23, 2009 Leave a comment

Wonderful evening spent yesterdae wif my dear missy gorilla friend.


We met up after class wanting to watch Harry Potter(Half blood prince)!

I ended my class slightly early yesterdae, but my team were discussing whether to buy 2nd handtext or wat.

Ended up, time was past 6.40pm already! && J8 HP slot is 7.30pm.

We were deciding if we shld take a mrt instead.


almost 7pm liao.

We finally went opp to take 74 to dover mrt. =.=!

In the end, we end up at orchard to eat!

Had pasta cafe but totally didn’t enjoy it. =(

But the staff were rather polite =]

Being extremist,

my dear friend suggested that we shld get a dress or wat so that we can go CLUBBING(ladies night)

So we walked thru and fro wisma B1 to get our clubbing clothes!

I got myself a dressy red top and paired it wif my white shorts and FLIP FLOP!

My friend bought a dress frm cotton on and paired it wif her FLIP FLOP!


Fancy wearing flip flop to club?!

We were still joking telling each other hw nice if they were having an event call the FLIP FLOP NIGHT!


We went helipad first to haf my fav Lychee mojito lime! =D

I finished the whole cup!


After which, we head down ZIRCA!

Totally digged the culture there!

That’s wat I call CLUBBING!

Had fun dancing wif the music and having vodka lime! =D

The music was cool



Classic works best!

We were playing wif our fone cammie the whole night!


After clubbing, we went Our fav cafe(COFFEE CLUB) to haf supper!

I had Toffee nut cappuccino while my friend had rose bud tea and we shared the yummylious calamari rings!



a night to rmb! =)

*p.s pardon my fat face T_T!


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Sunshine after Rain

July 18, 2009 4 comments

Finally oh finally, our group is finally set!

Thank god!

We are in such a mess during the few days.

1 member wanna leave, short or 1 team mate, how to divide out, etc etc.

This sem project is really tedious in terms of workload, out field stuff, blablabla.

Hopefully we can work well wif our new teammates.

Anyway, group is done shall put it aside first.

My issey miyake perfume is such a gone case cause i totally can’t stand the smell.

Happily telling my friend and said that I wanna get IM perfume that dae after I read the article.

Baby had such a unique choice!

I sticked wif my burberry summer collection in the end.

Sorry baby~! =(

My dear friend chanel’s allure series also headache so I guess her jongie boy taste is unique too.


Jongie boy has been cute already so, uhumph!(I really think jongie boy is cute, I meant his style. scared of dogs and taking plane =D OOPS!)

I so gonna get a earful by my miss gorilla friend.

Jongie boy cheek is soooo cute!(I MEAN IT!)

I wanna shout like the fans did during the mini concert!

Hoshizora! 1 of my fav song by them.

So lively and young!

Suit them perfectly~


DOUBLE S 501~!

They are sooooo cute.

I noe i mentioned like millions of time but I just can’t stop!


Envy those that had the chance to see their concert =”(

The soompi threat makes mi wanna get the dvd nw. DAMN!

p.s: there’s a part in the vid that I find seangie looked like soyijung. =D

*** A song calling for you MV

Saengie looks extremely kawaii in the mv!


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Classes after classes

July 15, 2009 Leave a comment

I haf been attending my classes attentively and really worn out after long hrs. I had lesson frm 8.30am to 11.30 than 3.30pm to 6.30pm. I reached home abt 8pm, and was totally worn out. But still before gg to slp I need my daily dose of double s before sleeping! =) They are all extremely addictive & cute & hot & weird!!! I haf never gone so crazy over idols before(nt even in my edison chen’s days).

Another round of linked lesson todae, 12pm to 3pm than 3.30pm to 6.30pm.

Thursday break! FINALLY~!

Fridae linked lesson again, 12.30pm to 3.30pm than 3.30pm to 6.30pm?

We like gg to run getai ah?


Anyway, we got lost in ngee ann poly yesterdae. =.=!

We wanted to go over to lunch but we were walking round and round.

Best of all, my friend thought megabites was ngee ann canteen(we totally flipped out!).


NP is sooooooooo much bigger than NYP.

This sem is gonna be tougher than before I guess cause so many projects and assignments.

p.s: can’t wait for my CD to arrive(joongie, seangie, jongie, minnie, joonie )



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All my love!

July 10, 2009 Leave a comment


I just placed my order wif yesasia to get SS501 latest album.

I can’t wait for it to arrive in my house.

My loves goes to

Alien leader Hyun Joong

Cute Otter Young Seang

Hotter than ever gorilla Kyu Jong

Sexy Charisma Jung Minnie

Slow and forever cute Hyung Joonie! =)


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Just another random

July 4, 2009 6 comments

Since I am still enjoying the songs by dbl S, I shall blog abit =)

I was at the clinic the whole dae todae.

Damn tired =(

Patients just kept flowing in and in.

But time really passed real fast, but my feet also sore like trotter. =/

Maybe 1 dae when I am real free I shall blog abt life as dental clinic assistant. =D

Anyway, school term is gonna start this coming week.

Gotta study real hard and aim HIGH.

I somehow came to a conclusion abt my choice of religion.

I was kinda freak out surprised when my doc seems to be able to tell wat I was thinking even the slightest thoughts in my mind.

Whatever I was thinking abt seems to think abt and want just flow out frm his mouth.

I didn’t tell him abt it but I was really really really impressed.

Maybe that’s really the power beyond your wildest imagination!


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