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My mickey mouse friends’ diary

April 25, 2009 4 comments


My mickey mouse friends’ diary =P






By a teacher i guess =)

p240409_0011that’s mine (=.=”’)

I bet most of the ppl ard my age do keep a lil diary like mine and pass it ard to their friends to fill up the pages wif colourful pens, sticker, neo prints etc etc! I found mine in my drawer and I was thrilled that the diary is still ard. =) It does brings back alot of memories from pri sch to lower sec. How ‘cute’ we were to write those ‘bo liao’ poems! What roses are red blablabla! Really kiddy days we had but it’s gonna be in our memories always.

I will safe keep it properly and flip thru it in another few yrs time. How sweet those days were. =D

Anyway, I went to bugis todae to pray and also visit the new mall iluma!

p250409_1336I haf this kind of pencil case when I was in lower primary(love the 1 wif sharpener!)

p250409_1337Instant noodle and Ice cream!

p250409_1340Real ice cream UFO!

p250409_1339Humongous size Doraemon! *Kawaii 😉

The new mall is great but not all the shops are opened.

I love the UFO’s machine at the top level arcade! =D

Lunched @ MOF which I didn’t enjoy. Food is salty!

But the atmosphere is gd but too crowded.

Lastly, FJ benjamin(GUESS, Gap etc) is having 30% sales. I bought my longgie guess wallet like finally after lemming for so long.

Tml is the last day!

Don’t miss it =)


I love their stuff!


I didn’t see that pretty bracelet! SAD~


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Brain cells drainage

April 20, 2009 Leave a comment


I am really tighted up wif the coming exams!

Spending hrs after hrs trying to get the facts in! I am writing and writing and writing.

I wish for a sandy beach and windy breeze blowing across my face


I am under the perfect shade wif my drink and shades!

Anyway, best of luck to my bro for his 2nd round interview!


&& jia you to myself for the coming week of hell.


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April 16, 2009 Leave a comment

I haven’t been blogging lately due to super loads of things to go thru for exams. Exams is just round the corner and I am like suffocating wif my sea of notes. I almost wanna admit myself to woodbridge already! The acc is killing all my brain cells!

Anyway on good friday, I went bowling and snookering wif my family at tamp safra. I broke my thumb nail. @&*^&@!%^#&* I super hate broken nails! ARGH! Afterwhich, we wanna haf dinner at lion city hotel that tiny winy cafe for their buffet thing but we are on waiting list so we decided nt to wait and haf dinner at the hawker next to it. I went over to cityplaza to take a look! That place is filled wif a lot of nice pretty fashionable stuff if u haf ultra vision to spot the pretties! Would love to go shopping there soon!Talking abt shopping, I haven’t meet up wif birdie recently. We are so caught up wif mugging. Wanted to go studying at airport together today, BUT I lost my freaking keys! =.= almost got my head ripped off by my mum. I was ordered to search the whole blurdy hse to find the keys today and thank all the god and goddess I found it in my wardrobe. (=.=”’) Hello kitty playing hide and seek wif mi!I still thought it was dropped into my bin and got tied up and BYE~ HENG ARH!

Anyway, I am going back to figure out how to freaking get that blurdy 2000! AHHHH!!! GOING MAD!


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jobless newbie

April 8, 2009 2 comments

SOB~ I am jobless(sort of)! Boss wants to hire a fulltime so i haf to go (T.T). I was suppose to report for work @ his new office(which is also my last) than he annouced that I will be gone. Got to look for another 1 already as soon as my exams are over. Considered lucky that I will haf to take loads of day off if I continue working for him.

PLEASE inform mi if there is any lobangs that has flexible timing!

I am so dead tired after mugging for hrs.

But it seems never ending!





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Happy birthdae Kah Ying aka Mama

April 4, 2009 Leave a comment

dsc02282Went to coasta sand to celebrate KY’s 21th birthdae. This is the shot with all her poly friends! Had a great time there thou I barely noe alot of them. HAHA! Most of them are so chatty so we wouldn’t really feel outta space. Thanks for the invite and see I did make it like i promise from last yr! =) Get well soon ah(doc sae she kana hand-foot-mouth disease).

*ps. this is a night shot @ abt 10+! Sony cammie is superb~


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